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Roy Matthijsse - Nazi leader among the blind

With the expiration of the years you sometimes see people come to the surface in the far-right scene, where you do not really expect. Age plays in these cases it is often an important role. Many groups with an obstinate character (think of criminals) The age of participants is usually limited to between 15 in the 25. Also the average far-right career ends in the Netherlands when someone is mid-twenties. When a person for any reason, it can last longer within this world, is that he is quickly seen as a leading figure. Age and experience provide in such cases for prestige and deliver more or less directly an iconic role. Such a man is the now 28-year-old Roy Matthijsse.

Roy Matthijsse (1983) popped round 2005 out of nowhere at various extreme right-wing activities. He was (en is) a striking appearance: Great, bald head and a tattoo of a wolf sting in the neck. Remarkable was also his involvement in many different extreme right-wing initiatives. That was not obvious, because in the period Matthijsse became active, fought several small extreme right-wing organizations, apart from the stand. The National Alliance could not get through a door with NCE and the NNP. There were two different Blood & Honour groups that were at odds with one another and circles around Outpost began to turn increasingly louder against skinheads and neo-Nazis, which resulted in their eyes to reputational damage to the organization. In contrast, groups were formed when the National Socialist Action (NSA), which nothing specifically of the "moderate" must have extreme right. Roy Matthijsse seemed to attract little notice of all this squabbling among themselves. He walked along with demonstrations of all far-right groups that existed at that time: the National Alliance, Nederlandse Volks-Unie (NVU), Nationalist Movement Folk (NVB), National Socialist Action (NSA), Blood & Honour and Outpost.

Roy Matthijsse (middle with bald head) NVB demonstration in Middelburg, 2006

Initially, he did, however, especially if consumer that: He walked obediently along, but wore no further visible to an organization.

DJ Bazooka

His main interest was at that time elsewhere. Matthijsse was, like many young people of his generation, coming from the gabber world. He was active for a few years as an amateur DJ at gabber parties. Vanaf 2005 he started producing music with extreme right-wing gabber content (‘Pro-White Hardcore Techno’) and he took the name 'DJ Panzerfaust' on.(1) He cited as an important response to the murder of Theo van Gogh. Based on the lyrics of his songs and articles that are on the DJ Panzerfaust website were placed seems there is another reason. After the murder of Theo van Gogh, there was a wave of anti-Muslim violence in Netherlands. Especially mosques were targets of vandalism and arson. Because of this violence was the gabber scene (‘Lonsdalejongeren’) to be in a bad light. Striking many offenders have turned out have a background as gabber. Commenting on this image damage tried some of the cronies, organize DJs and party organizers to turn this tide by many anti-racist initiatives in the gabber scene. This was Matthijsse an eyesore and also seems to have worn the choice to present themselves as Nazi DJ.

Covers Album DJ Panzerfaust

On his website he described his music from that time as "Music for the nationalist hardcore enthusiast, who is not oppress by left-wing lies and media!’. (2) That sounds a bit like an average PVV sound, the rest of his DJ work, however, shows a different picture. Especially the music itself gives a good insight into his thoughts. These are homemade songs with unadulterated Nazi titles and texts on anti-Semitism, over Holocaustontkenning en over witte suprematie. (3) Matthijsse ideas have not undergone major changes since then more.


Back to activism Roy Matthijsse. After several years as a demonstrator appeared to have walked it in 2008 Time for some more off beat its wings. On the one hand he did that by looking across the border. He demonstrated that for the first time abroad, with the Flemish extreme right fraternity NSV in Ghent, and was promptly arrested. In subsequent years, would emerge Matthijsse with multiple actions across the border. But especially with Flanders he had a special bond. More on that later meer.Aan the other hand, he first began to organize their own club. Or at least, He took over an existing club: The New National Unity (FOUR). De NNE was in 2006 founded by a couple of young right-wing extremists from Zwolle. However, the organization remained stuck in what unambitious pub meetings Lonsdale youth and walk with demonstrations. A year after founding the NNE changed course and began spreading outspoken Nazi propaganda, precisely at the time when Matthijsse becomes involved in the group. On Liberation Day 2007 For example, the group distributed posters against the "Zionist-American occupation of post 5 1945 mei ", A few months later, it continued sticker with a caricature of a Jew and the text “Destroy Zionism”. In the first month of 2008 knew the NNE even get the newspaper when there Goes swastikas, and the slogans "NNE" and "Heil Hitler" were daubed. According to another right-wing extremist would have been involved in these actions Matthijsse. (4)


Reportedly Matthijsse is the dumbest not. Slim in the land of the blind, at least: his lyrics know some structure and enables a single time ideas from a book. That is, without wishing to be faint, more than many people in the political environment can boast. Some of his ideas can be found on the website of "Popular Front Netherlands", established as the educational arm of the NNE.

Roy Matthijsse (rechts met wolfsangel in de nek) op NVU demonstratie, 2007

Many surprising contains world of ideas otherwise not: a commitment to a purebred Netherlands, blood and soil; fight against international capitalism and Marxism, which would be responsible for the presence of migrant; Adolf Hitler was right, and Israel; and also some Muslims and for nature. But Matthijsse than what may be more intelligent than the rest, it does not protect him from extremely stupid actions which resulted several times in trouble with the law. And not the least business. After his arrest in Ghent (as described above) He was arrested at least three times because of assaults and fights.

In 2007 He was sitting in a pub with other right-wing extremists. They were drunk and behaved outspoken racist against immigrant visitors and waved coats with extreme-right symbolism. This incident derailed and Matthijsse and his colleagues tore down the pub and threw chairs to other visitors. Matthijsse was arrested and convicted.

One year later, after a pub gathering of participants in Holland Hardcore Forum, Roy Matthijsse was at the station in Hilversum arrested after an incident with some immigrant boys.

Recently it was hit again. Matthijsse had to justify themselves before the judge again for a fight. A group of ten right-wing extremists, including Matthijsse, was looking for a fight in a pub, brought the Hitler salute and let themselves from insulting. Eventually this resulted in a brawl at, Matthijsse which gave several people clapping. Remarkable was also enough Matthijsse there again this time from a suspended sentence.

Roy Matthijsse en links Tom Beune

As the article shows is Matthijsse so at first sight no friend left. He himself thinks about it sometimes differently, when he as a strategic option does not preclude cooperation with left radical organizations. But this thought is not an obstacle for him to return regularly against leftist activists. An example of this is the doing of anti-antifawerk, research on political opponents of the extreme right. Matthijsse has gone several times on the road to photograph leftist activists and also has regular small prick actions in the past against left-wing organizations, for example squats in his home region.


Back now to the by Matthijsse, guiding clubs. Besides his activities for the mid-NNE founded Matthijsse 2009 with some other young Nazis from his home region of West Brabant National Youth Brabant (NJB) op. The youths who joined came mostly from NSA circles and a few were also effective at the NNE. After the establishment of the NJB there was a short period of uncertain transition. It seemed the idea that the NNE as a national organization must operate, while NJB was a Brabant department and the Popular Front educational arm. In fact it was the three organizations to a handful of friends and activists around Roy Matthijsse with many dual memberships. After several months Matthijsse apparently drew the same conclusion and the NNE was indeed lifted and went on in the NJB.

Matthijsse arrested during demonstration in Germany, 2009

The NJB Matthijsse organized in a short time a series of meetings and actions. In addition, they focused on, among other against a new mosque in Roosendaal. The NJB also knows how to arouse interest outside Brabant. That's reason to start 2010 the 'National Youth Netherlands' (NJN) focusing on where activists are active throughout the Netherlands. This NJN continues the now common concept of Matthijsse: shadowing at home- and abroad with actions of others and organizing actions, organize concerts and seminars. Striking the NJB and NJN is that a good relationship has been built with many different extreme-right organizations. As Matthijsse in the past walked with actions by diverse groups, so the NJN appear in the usually strongly divided far-right scene with virtually anyone to shoot at. There are good contacts with NSA, Blood & Honour en NVU. Only post seems to be somewhat out of the picture. This good cooperation does not remain confined to the Netherlands. A few months after the establishment of the NJB Matthijsse come into contact with people from the Flemish New Solidaris Tisch Alternative (N-SA, not the same as the Dutch NSA!). This is a collection of radical Flemish activists who hold strong neo-fascist ideas. They come from various extremist groups and have the common feature that they are a lot more radical than the Vlaams Belang and also have a strong dislike for that party. Matthijsse and the N-SA prove in terms of political ideas can find each other very well. Both are very extreme, but like themselves for the stage sometimes more moderate arise. Furthermore, young people in both organizations prevailed and they let themselves be inspired by both extreme-right youth groups from Germany and (especially) Italy. NJN and N-SA support from the first encounter each other's meetings regularly. From the N-SA are governed speakers provided for educational meetings NJB / NJN and NJN'ers be present at many N-SA activities. Recently drew activists from N-SA and NJN still at a demonstration in Rome.

Motley crew on NJN demonstration Hague, 2010

All these good collaborations, it's been said, be mentioned prominently in the deeply divided right-wing landscape. A result we saw at the end of last year. In november 2010 the NJN organized a demonstration in The Hague. The aim was to support a young Spanish neo-sitting for the murder of an antifascist in prison. This demonstration will surprise many people off, 80 protesters. (5) These eighty people came from very different, together often competing groups. Moreover, there was also a number of protesters from abroad (Germans, English, Flemings and Walloons).

When we summarize the above we see with Roy Matthijsse an extreme right-wing activist with dangerously abusive surfaced. He appears regularly, at unpredictable times, his political ideas to highlight violence. However, when we look at his other political activities, he seems to be able to right-wing activists from different backgrounds to bond, without causing fast odds. In the highly fragmented and marginalized Dutch Nazi scene is like an achievement quickly. In the land of the blind Cyclops is once again king.

Kafka Anti-Fascist Research

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(1): In the course of time a number of other pseudonyms used Matthijsse. Internet include "Rudolf Helmst 'and' miller '.

(2): Interestingly, the DJ Panzerfaust website hosted by the people behind Holland Hardcore (HH). HH is a website for extreme right-wing cronies with strong ties to Outpost. The administrators of that site put noisily against image-damaging neo-Nazis and skinheads. Matthijsse (Skinhead en neonazi) But getting server space offered. Moreover, his' DJ Panzefaust' CD full of Nazi symbols and Nazi texts sold by HH.

(3): On the CD "Panzerfaust Hardcore 'are songs with titles like' Schutzstaffel 'and' White Revolution '. In the song 'Techno Aryan' parts of a speech by Adolf Hitler mixed. Hitler is shown four times on the cover, in the middle of a swastika and a black sun. In the song 'The Eternal Jew' called Jews "a race of parasites" who have themselves devised the Holocaust. In another number, ‘Holocaust industry’, leert Matthijsse dat de Joden dat doen ‘because they make such a big profit of it’.

(4): After a complicated argument between several Dutch contacts of the Flemish organization New Solidaris Tisch Alternative (N-SA), focused part of that quarrel among themselves to Roy Matthijsse and Voorpost activist Thomas Wentzel. The quarrel was mainly about personal matters, but through it also played the self-proclaimed Nazi dislike of Wentzel and his pro-Israel Stance. Both obviously not in line with the ideas of Roy Matthijsse. Those arguing derailed Wentzel such that all the information he had tossed on the internet about Matthijsse. There he wrote, among other things: "From the NNE he is (is meant Matthijsse, red.) also the driving force (been), swastika graffiti in Goes and Nazi-related paintings in Lelystad example ".

(5): That's a small demonstration, but for Dutch far-right gatherings a decent turnout. A week earlier demonstrated the NCE still in The Hague 40 people.