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Extreme right-wing action against Nelson Mandela

Far-right activists have in recent days in Leiden protested against the awarding of an honorary degree to Nelson Mandela. The South African president had personally come to Leiden to take the honors received. Activists Outpost and the Dutch Student (SSR) argued against this with a banner and pamphlets. Was a banner 'Mandela Killer’ read.

Nelson Mandela

Thursday posted NLSV'ers posters with slogans like 'No honorary doctorate for ANC terror’ and Self-government for the Farmers'. Friday unfurled Outpost activists, just before the arrival of the South African leader, a banner 'Mandela Killer’ could be read. Police arrested two of the activists, the 25-year old Dutchman Jan Jimmy and a 34 year old man from Sassenheim. The latter is almost certainly Voorpost action leader Tim Mudde. In a statement Outpost suggests that one did not deny this opportunity to Mandela on his terrorist past’ to point. In pamphlets called the ANC 'communist’ and allows one Mandela and the ANC responsible for 'thousands of gruesome murders, Bombings, rape and arson attacks against white Afrikaners, mostly descendants of Dutch and Flemish '. The activists also argued for an "independent Boer State’ for whites in South Africa.

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