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Ten months jail for Wim Vreeswijk

Right Wing Extremist Wim Vreeswijk sentenced to ten months imprisonment for foreigners exploit.

More than two months ago, the tax adviser Utrecht Wim Vreeswijk (1950) sentenced to imprisonment for ten months.

The court in Amsterdam imposes this penalty on 14 februari 2017 him because he such 2500 People filed fraudulent tax returns. The highlights of the political career of Wim Vreeswijk lie in the eighties and nineties of the last century, when council in Almere and later Utrecht. First, he is active in the Center Party and the Center Democrats. A dispute with party leader Hans Janmaat an end here in the first half of the nineties. From that moment Vreeswijk is the leader of Dutch Block, a failed attempt to copy the Vlaams Blok in Netherlands. In this century it had still some interference by some hopeless parties and initiatives. He is in 2014 Utrecht still the leader of the PVV Freedom Party copy Utrecht. It is not a success.

Party Pretty Utrecht Wim Vreeswijk

There runs another thread running through the lives of Wim Vreeswijk. With his livelihood he gets some time compromised by the exploitation of immigrants. In the eighties is done through his work as mediator houses. He focuses on foreign workers who are dilapidated shacks foisted. In recent years, he does as a tax adviser about the same. A quote from the judgment: ” The clientele of the suspect was a vulnerable target, ie mostly immigrants which the Dutch language, or were barely powerful and / or could not read or write.”. Inevitably Fear Wijks dislike of foreigners plays a role in the way he treats his customers. If you have the best with your neighbor before you bring them does not in such big trouble and spoil them not. The main motive of this practice appears to be vulgar enrichment. Vreeswijk stroking a comfortable annual income 50.000 euro with his fraudulent tax returns.

This leaves us to say that it surely is remarkable that a previously significant far-right politician gets such a long imprisonment. If it still is exploiting immigrants, then you would expect that this is somewhere in the News. In this then.

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