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PVV supporters on warpath

Violence, threats, intimidation. If these resources are used in a political struggle which yields mainly losers. The victims themselves, of course,, but the perpetrators often draw the short straw. Their cause can count on less sympathy if they want to achieve their goals by force. In recent years there has been regular violence used by supporters of the Freedom Party. Yet this seems to have hardly affected the popularity of Geert Wilders and his fight against Islam and asylum seekers.

Threatening Letter to Somali family, december 2015
Threatening Letter to Somali family, december 2015

If Wilders in December 2015 asked to move away from violent protests against asylum seekers, he wants politicians and press “de rambam” and he calls them suckers. Shortly before, op 17 december 2015, had his picture still on a threatening letter which had been a Somali family in Pannerden as explanation for an attack with fireworks bombs on their homes. The attackers had “Blank is better, eigen volk eerst!!! Immigrants have to leave!! This is just the beginning!” written under a picture of the PVV leader.


There are more of these types of incidents. It seems very likely that in 2015 has increased the number of violent incidents with relation to the PVV. A number of examples:

* Early January 2015 State's Facebook page “Support the PVV” full of calls to stabbing mosques in the Netherlands on fire. The Prosecution takes the matter seriously and continues to this eight people who have been guilty.

* Also in January will get a Muslim in The Hague a threatening letter in his mailbox when his family is threatened with death. He has to fuck off from the Netherlands. The letter states the cry “The PVV will overcome”.

* In late August insert a PVV voter from Emmen death threats on the Facebook page of the VVD. He wants Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Dijkhoff, who has asylum in his wallet, a “hunting bullet through the head” because they would destroy the country.

* A sports hall in Woerden on Friday 9 October, the target of a group of masked assailants. They break through the fences and throwing heavy fireworks. The refugees inside delusions again here in the war zone that they fled. If there is a group of men arrested, that part is involved in the action group Our Montfoort Refugees Free. Geert Wilders will quickly from the attack and condemned the violence. What he at that time did not yet know is that Jochem Daeter from Montfoort is also involved in this action group. He has supported them with its opinions, but himself was not present during the attack in Woerden. Jochem Daeter was earlier that year candidate for the PVV in Utrecht. He distances himself from the violence.

* The next day, op 10 oktober, is a house daubed with slogans in Oss: “PVV Freedom Party PVV No Refugees, Eigen Volk Eerst”. The house is still empty, but soon will be concerned by an asylum seeker from Eritrea. There destruction also be applied on a glass pane and fireworks stuck on a window.

* In mid-December Geert Wilders calls on twitter to stand up in Geldermalsen against AZC. It is unclear whether the rioters in Geldermalsen have been given this call, but the riot around the town on 16 December outbreak has all the papers. There is rolled fences and heavy fireworks. Several policemen get in fights injured. If the windows of the town hall are thrown in the council chamber is evacuated with stones. In the House PVV vote the next day alone against a proposal to hold a debate here. The municipality Geldermalsen put the plan to a refugee center in the refrigerator.

Direct line to the PVV

Apparently, the perpetrators of these intimidating actions feel connected to the resistance which the PVV calls for. Indeed, frequently they put Geert Wilders, or the name of his party, to give their deed with an extra charge. In the above examples, there has been indirect involvement of the Freedom Party. There are also imposing more direct lines 2015.

* Op 3 oktober 2015 is Geert Wilders and his entourage distribute leaflets against asylum seekers in Almere. If popping get some against demonstrators the full brunt of the PVV supporters. There are death threats, the desire that one's daughter is raped, There are pamphlets against the PVV pulled out of someone's hands and feel intimidated by protesters against the aggression.

* There is a similar situation 15 October Steenbergen. Geert Wilders has been invited by Sander Booij the PVV action group AZC-Alert to come protest against an asylum center. Sander Booij was itself 2015 also a candidate for the PVV in North Brabant. Wilders must cancel at the last minute, but his support has been mobilized and is on street. Here the atmosphere is again intimidating direction against demonstrators. Be tossed eggs and violence protest signs confiscated. A group of approximately 200 People focuses its aggression on a small group of counter-demonstrators.
Wilders' PVV SteenbergenIn the weeks following derails the anti-seekers violence in all Steenbergen. windows are smashed homes of immigrants and advocates of AZC. An alderman is threatened with death. The controversial meeting hall 't Cromwiel with an intimidating group of brawlers of course, is known. With vigorous chants the mouth are proponents of reception gagged. The PVV action group AZC-Alert has an organizing role in the whole anti-AZC-protest in Steenbergen. If the plan for the AZC after this series of intimidations vented reacts Geert Wilders triumphantly and he congratulates Steenbergen.

* something innocent, but equally also illustrative, is the plan of a care center to start a cooking club with asylum seekers from Heumensoord Nijmegen. The PVV is not pleased with in Gelderland and Group President Marjolein Faber enters the weblog GeenStijl to plan national prominence and launch protests. She succeeds in its intent and reaguurders GeenStijl are getting it against the plan. The nursing home will feel so threatened and intimidated that they gradually aflasten plan. They also have to deal with vulnerable older people in their care center. Marjolein Faber responds extremely satisfied with this state of affairs and throws some suspicion towards the Syrian women, that were going to participate in the project.

PVV Revolte

Geert Wilders at a market in Purmerend, oktober 2015
Geert Wilders at a market in Purmerend, oktober 2015

Geert Wilders calls for a year or ten to discriminate against Muslims in the Netherlands. The constitutional right to association and freedom of religion, according to the PVV should not apply to this population. He focuses mainly against Moroccans, applicants and administrative elite of the Netherlands. Often an unmistakable manner. Wilders sees Islam as a "deadly and totalitarian ideology". Moroccans are "settlers" who came "to enslave". Asylum seekers cause a "rape epidemic" and "blind elite" brings Netherlands "at the edge of the abyss." Repeating each of these apocalyptic message lacks the impact on some of his supporters not. However, no reason to moderate its tone which perpetrators of violence in the name of the PVV act for Wilders. Indeed, in January 2016 Geert Wilders warns “a revolt” if other politicians will not cooperate with the PVV. He later explained that he fears a rebellion among his followers and that he hopes that “democratic and nonviolent” will expire. It can not have escaped him that his political agenda through a small portion of his supporters are already performed with violence. Perhaps already started the uprising of the PVV supporters?