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Extreme right-wing activist is PVV senator

Op 9 juni 2015 in The Hague installed the new senators in the Senate. Among them was a rising young PVV'er from Noord-Brabant, Alexander van Hattem (1983) from Steensel. For the general public it is an unfamiliar sight, but Van Hattem has been running since 2002 around on the political scene. He started his career as a board member of the Young Fortuynisten, the controversial activist youth section of the LPF. Vanaf 2006 He is four years old assistant fraction of the LPF in the Eindhoven city council. Now he assesses legislative proposals to the Constitution.

Alexander van Hattem (with glasses and Lonsdalejas) a flyer campaign of the New Right in Tilburg, 2003
Alexander van Hattem (with glasses and Lonsdalejas) a flyer campaign of the New Right in Tilburg, 2003

De Jonge Fortuynisten (JF) have several times stir through their contacts with right-wing extremists, for example, the New Right and the New National Party (NNP),a party that was seen as the successor of the outlawed fascist party CP'86. We wrote here before over. At some moments of cooperation between the JF and extreme right clubs was Alexander van Hattem also present. Of course that was so in the criminal proceedings against Fortuyn's murderer and the annual memorial walk in Rotterdam. But in doing so you could still argue that the dynamics of those times less space left for screening your allies.

Extreme right-wing demonstrations

In april 2003 The situation is a lot less complicated if the extreme-right party New Right organized a leaflet in Tilburg. A jeweler has since shot dead a thief and party leader Michiel Smit comes with a number of executives to the streets to show support. Alexander van Hattem is participating in this action and has dressed for the occasion in a Lonsdale jacket, a popular brand among skinheads.

Later in 2003, op 9 december, JF have an action in The Hague organized by grace of an RAF member in Germany. After a call to action by Alexander van Hattem pulling them on to the German Embassy. In the days prior to this action, the call was already gone round about extreme right-wing web forums, such as Holland Hardcore. As a result, there was a group of activists of the NNP mobilized which even was slightly larger than the seven Young Fortuynisten that had come days. The then-leader NNJ Paul Peters (which is condemned already at that time because of the destruction of a Jewish cemetery) is one of the best known names in the company. Another controversial participant Rens Kaaijk. Hij is in 2002 After an NVU demonstration arrested for threatening and assaulting passing foreigners.

Users of internet forum Holland Hardcore evaluate action JF
Users of internet forum Holland Hardcore evaluate action JF

The call to participate in the JF action on extreme right-wing web forums are not a problem for Van Hattem. Like the presence of extreme right-wing perpetrators of violence on his action. Van Hattem sends them away, nor otherwise he takes away from him. However, these participants appear to have influence on the route of the demonstration.

If the NRC subsequently published a photo of a skinhead on this action JF feels snubbed. Van Hattem sent an angry letter and JF launch a complaint against the newspaper. Perfectly they win also this, while it was a combined JF / NNP action.

In augustus 2004 arises an unclear situation in Eindhoven. The radical far-right party National Alliance (NA) demonstrating against asylum seekers. By antifascists an opposing force is announced and the running tensions. To prevent a collision between groups situates the municipality's actions in different locations. Dan Alexander van Hattem suddenly pops up and he makes provocative pictures of the anti-fascist demonstrators. He has already made it clear on several occasions to have a thorough dislike of antifascists, So it was no fun snapshots that he made. The NA-demonstration was organized by Van Hattem former JF-Mart Moorish companion with whom he had been discredited by his change of course for the radical right.

PVV career

In 2006 Van Hattem fraction employee of the LPF in the Eindhoven city council. His extra-parliamentary activities from currently less on action and more focused on meetings. Here he draws the attention of the PVV. Van Hattem openly dealing with extreme right-wing activists for this party no objection to him as a candidate. In 2011 he was elected State member for the PVV in North Brabant, where he becomes president. Also on the PVV lists for the Lower and Upper House, he is candidate.

Alexander van Hattem Fortuyn memorial in Rotterdam, 2010
Alexander van Hattem Fortuyn memorial in Rotterdam, 2010

Op 29 maart 2014 held in The Hague the disputed election party the PVV place. Here Geert Wilders asks his audience if they want more or less Moroccans. Lustily chanting Alexander van Hattem here "less, less, less "with it. Later, he said to stand behind Wilders and he confirms that he really wants fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands, and that this also applies to Brabant.

An important task of the Senate is to test draft laws to the Constitution. The PVV is in favor of abolishing the Senate. Fundamental rights are therefore only selectively appreciated by the PVV. And they are rejected and attacked as they protect the position of religious minorities. Their proposals show that freedom of education, religious freedom and independence of the judiciary in this party are not in safe hands. The Senate seat for the far-right activist Alexander van Hattem is for that matter the icing on the cake PVV.