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Raids Blood & Honour in Belgium

Last week, the Belgian police made dozens of raids on houses and barracks. In addition, the organization "was Blood, Bodem, Honor and Loyalty " (BBET) rolled up and became a large quantity of weapons seized. The reason for the raids was expected that the group would carry out an attack. BBET was originally the name of the sheet of Blood & Honour Flanders, but has since grown into an independent organization; a Flemish branches of the international nazi movement Blood & Honour. She is at the southern neighbors also the most extreme and the hatred of Jews splash off the grouping.
Volgens BBET is'Racism without Semitism comparable to the make-up of an AIDS patient. It all seems nice, but it does not solve anything’. 'From jood', According BBET'a pathogen'To be. 'The only sane attitude to the jew's him, similar to a tapeworm, by flushing the toilet’.

Interestingly, the raids on the Flemish BBET the question how it is possible that such a small organization still has sufficient financial resources to fund such weapons. In recent years there were several B in Flanders&H concerts undisturbed place with hundreds of visitors from all over Europe. Generally provide such concerts many thousands of Euros. That could be an explanation.

Blood & Honour concert in Flanders 2006

Given the international character of Blood & Honour is not surprising that BBET also has contacts with several Dutch organizations.

First course with Blood & Honour Nederland / RVF. Members of the Dutch branch appeared several times at meetings in Flanders (as well) organized by BBET.

Second, with the National Alliance. This party held in May 2005 a lecture on "Race and Reality. To the extinction of the white race?"With a speaker BBET. Furthermore, one of the most important of arrestees BBET present at a meeting of the National Alliance on 'activism and Zionism ". Additionally visited members of the National Alliance least two demonstrations in Belgium who were co-organized by BBET. Last but not least was the email address of BBET some time bbet@freespeech4u.com. Freespeech4u.com is the server of NA Chairman Jan Teijn.
After the arrests NA furthermore took no specific distance. Party ideologe Virginia Kapic: 'Find the otherwise sympathetic case does, if it could be true – which I doubt. Indeed (personally I'm far from democrat because democracy only works when the people think with his brain instead of his ass) this would prove a serious protest to the corrupt government to, revolutionary. "

Thirdly, the Dutch People's Union. This party will also visit several meetings (co) by BBET organized. In turn ran BBET with some demonstrations of the NCE note. Recently, the NCE still organized a demonstration in The Hague against "Zionism". Since the BBET dropped excuse for, but there was conveyed a greeting from BBET the protesters. One of the current BBET arrestees visited 2002 even though an NVU demonstration in Rotterdam.