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Blood & Honour Nederland Traditional

Recently we wrote the first article about Blood & Honour Nederland. It was history and describes the current state of affairs. Briefly came across this article means that some attempts have been made to establish a Dutch department of Blood & Honour, the international organization for Nazi skinheads. These attempts all failed, until in the period 2001/2002 more successfully a new attempt was made. From that moment, there is "Blood & Honour Nederland”.
Completely without any problems but this was not. Rond 2004 split the organization into two branches. Both branches continued to "Blood & Honour "call. In the previous article we have mainly been widely about one of those two, Blood & Honour/Racial Volunteer Force (RVF). This organization promotes itself as radical and national socialist and a supporter of violent political action. Furthermore, this organization is remarkable by the extreme anti-Semitism. This orients itself on one radical Muslim circles that sit on the line of organizations such as Hamas and Al Qaeda. In addition to these RVF-branch is the other Blood & Honour-tak (B&H-Traditional) still – successfully - active. At this branch we want to pay attention this time.

Leader of Blood & Honour Netherlands Erik de Graaf

B&H Traditional broadly supports the same ideas as RVF, but with minor differences. Both organizations are openly National Socialist, sympathize with the Third Reich and rave with Hitler and marriage. The difference is more in the place that gets this ideology. RVF sees himself as a revolutionary vanguard, die – based on its ideology – performs radical political action. B&H Traditional sees himself more as an international community of like-minded Skinheads. In addition, the ideology is certainly not unimportant, but the experience of the skinhead culture is more important. That means partying, drinking and fighting and external display are essential in this organization. That ideology while going under regularly in a pool of liquor, grease and sweat is taken for granted collective. The same applies to the Dutch department excels in organizing all kinds of events such as barbecues, carousing, concerts and camps. This international direction battle has certainly also played a role in the schism in Netherlands. People like Michael Krick clearly wanted a more RVF-oriented way, and the current leaders of the Traditional branch thought differently about. The differences of opinion reached their peak in the spring of 2004. When the NCE organized a concert in collaboration with Blood & Honour-Traditional. One of the bands that played there “Skullcrusher” is known as Traditional Band. That was the reason for the RVF fans from the Netherlands and Flanders to begin a massive brawl, where band members, security and other attendees were attacked and hall, cars and instruments were demolished. If at that time there have been some sympathy between the two B&H-branches, then that will thereafter be gone.

As Blood & Honour no official organization and functioning semi-underground, is a good view of the organization difficult to give. It is clear in any case that Blood & Honors Netherlands is divided into a plurality of sections, above which a rural conduit. Of these rural leadership are key figures Erik de Graaf from IJmuiden (nationwide leader) and Marcel Dootjes from Zwanenburg (penningmeester).

Erik de Graaf at Nazi demonstration in Dortmund
Marcel Dootjes (rechts) at NVU demonstration

Erik de Graaf
The 27-year-old IJmonder Erik de Graaf runs at least since 1998 rond binnen het extreemrechtse circuit. In that year he put his signature to help Janmaat Centre Democrats in the parliamentary elections. Then it has remained a quiet time around De Graaf. After Fortuyn's murder he apparently so impressed that he is walking on two extreme right Fortuyn commemorations. In Amsterdam he joins with a delegation from the NNP to a many Fortuyn commemorations few days after the murder. Harderwijk he walks with a demonstration of the NCE following the murder.

Erik de Graaf

Then he comes into the picture in Blood & Honour Netherlands and is present in many activities of this organization. Before Blood & Honour tear in the RVF- Traditional in-tak, is one of the prominent members, Michael Krick, arrested and extradited to Germany. The day after this arrest is held a small protest in Dortmund, where a delegation of Blood & Honour Netherlands is present, including Erik de Graaf. Following the release of Krick tear Blood & Honour and Krick and Earl are leaders in different branches.
What further strikes, is the bond between the Count and Peter van Egmond. Vanaf 1998 are both fairly consistently active in the same organizations (First CD, then NNP, then B&H) and they live a stone's throw from each other.

Erik de Graaf (rechts) Fortuyn at memorial

On the sections is the necessary clarity. There have existed in the past few years, at least five different sections: Westland, Midland, Oostland, North Netherlands en Rotterdam. It is currently unclear whether these sections are still active. This applies in any case for sections Westland and North, who are the most constant factors within the organization.
All sections are very regionally oriented. The continuity of the sections and North Westland is mainly determined by the presence of a number of older and more experienced types within those sections. Erik de Graaf and Marcel Dootjes have already been mentioned and both active in section Westland. In addition, it is also Peter van Egmond active in this section, a veteran in the Dutch extreme right circuit.

In the northern section is also a core of old faithful. The most important person in this region is Martin of the grind from Winschoten. Of the grind has been around since the mid-eighties an active Nazi skinhead and stood at the cradle of “Keep Contacts”. Gravel has been out of the picture a few years, after a number of convictions for violent political activities. But as the central figure of Blood & Honour is back with a vengeance. This also applies to its violent activities. The northern section made some time ago for a stir in Winschoten, by in full Nazi outfit posing for a just placed Jewish monument. Visitors to a pub opposite reacted furiously on here, ultimately led to the B&H group attacked the pub, destroyed and visitors molested. This led to a number of arrests, which also from the grind was arrested. Furthermore, were found in his house weapons. In addition, The Grind closely involved in organizing “training camps” In the Ardennes Blood & Honourable Members. Such training camps will be trained in military sphere. Van der Grind it provides, among other military decorations contribute to.

Martin from the grind of Blood & Honour meeting

Another force in the background of the northern section is Richard van der Plas. Also van der Plas has been running for years with the extreme right circuit. He became known as a board member of the Centre Democrats and activist of the Action Front National Socialists. But he was best known it was his criminal activities and possession of weapons. That, with the involvement of Van der Plas, now popping up arms in circles of Blood & Honour is hardly a surprise.

Meeting Blood & Honour Netherlands Standing 7th from right: Erik de Graaf. Seated 2nd from left: Marcel Dootjes, Sitting on the far right: Martin of the grind.

Recruitment and selection
To become a member of Blood & Honour Netherlands need to be made by a member. Next you are initially prospective member (“supporter”). Only with proven suitability and reliability you can become a full member.
You would expect the difficult accessibility and the relative invisibility ensure that there is hardly any growth. But that's obviously not true. The concept is so attractive that Blood & Traditional Honour in the Netherlands at the moment an organization (Dutch standards) has a fanbase. There are at least a few dozen members with around a multitude of supporters and "supporters".
Blood Success & Honors in comparison with the previous attempts to set up such an organization has a number of causes. First, the "market" among young people for an organization like Blood & Honour much larger than in the early nineties (when the last serious attempt was made to establish such an organization on legs). At the time, the main source of new recruits was Skinhead Subculture, who has never been a real success in the Netherlands. Nowadays new members found mainly in circles (voormalige) Gabbers, a subculture that has a plurality of trailers with respect to the Skinhead Subculture.
The second reason for the current success of Blood & Honour is the space that the organization has compared to its predecessors. Since the rise and murder of Fortuyn's, especially government, wants little more to tackle far-right organizations. But the space for Blood & Honour is also created by the members themselves. A similar organization as "Hou Kontakt" had the greatest difficulty in the early nineties many practical problems (lack of money, lack of private transport, lack of meeting places) overcome. Because there within Blood & Honour an old guard is active, who is in possession of the cars, house, cash and fixed income, it is much less difficult to provide these facilities. Meetings can so much simpler and more accessible are organized.
As a third reason is the Internet of interest. It is clearly visible how Blood & Honour the past two years in circles of extreme right-wing cronies have acquired a certain cult status over the internet. And despite the lack of a functioning website of Blood & Honour proves it through various forums, contact- and friends sites yet to active recruitment for Blood & Honour to come.

The absence of a website of Blood & Honour seems to be no deliberate policy. Initially a website was designed by people from the Midland section. This website, however, lingered endlessly in the development phase. Eventually there came a website launched, that space was on the server freespeech4u Jan Teijn, the president of the National Alliance.

After one of the many quarrels within the National Alliance got a good group of executives at. Among them Peter van Egmond and the chairwoman of Dietsland youth, NA youth. Both are also active in B&H. In the period around this quarrel was B website&H of the Teijn server thrown. A relationship between the two events is obvious, but is not sure. According to B&H itself was fought about money and the website was therefore removed.

As Blood & Honour is an international network, the Dutch branch is primarily internationally oriented. There are good contacts with various other departments of Blood & Honour-Traditional. Especially with Blood & Honour Flanders is a close cooperation. Jointly organized concerts. In spring 2006 var is, prior to a B&H-concert in Flanders a wreath at a scheduled Limburg cemetery where German Waffen SS members and Dutch war criminals are buried. When Dutch antifascists and authorities to prevent this strike was diverted to a Flemish cemetery.

Although Blood & Honour ever arose out of dissatisfaction with all kinds of party political intrigue in the English wing extremist circuit, Blood was found & Honour Netherlands for some time to maintain warm relations with the National Alliance. He had dubbellidmaatschappen, de website van Blood & Honour was hosted by the NA Chairman Jan Teijn and NA members participated in training camps of Blood & Honour. This cooperation was exploding after an internal dispute within the NA, where a number of prominent members stepped. It soon became clear therefore the cooperation between B&H, and the NA so as to be.

So what we see currently is a national organization for Nazi skinheads, that associates itself with violence, weapons and training, with a motivated framework and a big following among young people. To call it bad news is given an understatement.

Meeting Blood & Honour Netherlands on grounds of Wijnand Putter Sluiskil (Zeeland Flanders). Bottom row, second from right: Martin of the grind. Top row, fourth from the left: Marcel Dootjes. Middle row, sixth from right (half hidden): Erik de Graaf. Bottom row, far right squats Marcel Putter, Brother host Wijnand Putter.