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Verkiezingen gemeenteraad 2010 – PVV

It appears in the Netherlands gradually to be accepted that the Freedom Party of Geert Wilders just an extreme right party. There is no sign of anti-Semitism at the party. And one has the party structure such a way that the traditional right-wing extremists is not possible to be a member or candidate. Yet enough remains for this qualification. The zondebokkerij towards Islam as religion blamed for misconduct of immigrants who happens to be Muslim is an important part of the party rhetoric. The representatives of the party show themselves further with radical and offensive language. The PVV links the insecurity in the Netherlands candidly to the arrival of the arrival of an excessive number of foreigners. The party also called for an immigration stop for non-Western immigrants and the discontinuation of regular medical care for illegal immigrants. The PVV wants to vote for the local elections of foreigners living in the Netherlands decline. These right-wing views have attracted the traditional right-wing movement in the Netherlands.

Wilders op bezoek in Scheveningen
Wilders visited Scheveningen

There are some contacts between show the PVV candidates and traditional extreme right.

MP Richard de Do (1976) is the seventh PVV candidate in his hometown The Hague. In 2006 he was briefly active in the extreme right-wing Internet forum Polinco, to advertise there for the PVV.

Richard de Mos praat 20 januari 2010 met de PVV achterban in Amsterdam
Richard de Mos talk 20 January 2010 with the PVV supporters in Amsterdam

Arnoud van Doorn (1966) The Hague was in 2006 candidate for the Party for the Netherlands (VAT) Hilbrand Nawijn of the parliamentary elections. He comes from the LPF and is on the sixth place of the PVV list in The Hague. Hilbrand Nawijn called in 2005 outrage in Fortuynist circles after he Vlaams Belang leader Filip received the Winter in the house of Fortuyn for a collaboration. Nawijn did in 2005 more projects with Vlaams Belang and the Belgians would be electoral campaign 2006 of the Party's funded Netherlands. The PVN-treasurer Willem van der Velden denies this. It made for Arnoud van Doorn all nothing and he is in 2006 just candidate for this Party for Netherlands. After that he has been involved for some time in the municipal councilors of Willem van der Velden Hague. The former LPF Councillor Van der Velden has a career along the fringes of the right-wing politics. Which culminated in a collaboration with the former leader of the Centre Party, Nothing Boiten.

The Hague party leader Sietse Fritsma (1972) The Hague is in November 2007 a motion in the Lower House of the Freedom Party. He wants an immigration stop for Muslims. The motion is then rejected because of its discriminatory character. That does not happen often in the House. He also refers to Moroccans as "settlers" against the army should be deployed.

There are three parties that focus strongly on the PVV

Do lists them in different cities of people who want to join the PVV or there have been involved in one way or another.

In Bunschoten wants to party leader Peter Koops (1966) Spakenburgse of the Freedom Party will join later in the PVV.

Rinus Beusenberg (1955) from Cruquius had in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer with local right-wing party Forza! Netherlands want to hear the sound of the PVV. However, he found no effect on the existing party Forza! Now he does with Social Right Haarlemmermeer note.

Den Helder does rejected PVV candidate Paul Jansen (1954) Julianadorp join the Stadspartij Daman. Along with some rejected TON'ers. Roads Jansen (1952) is the leader of the People's Party Lelystad. He calls the PVV voters to vote for his party. In 2006 he supported the Freedom Party in their election participation in the electoral district of Flevoland.

In Westerveld state Roel Pit-Print (1951) from Vledder candidate for Gemeentebelangen. She supported the Freedom Party 2006 with a signature that allowed election participation. Before they came from the LPF and she was in Forza! Netherlands assets. She says a Wildersfan from the first moment to be. In 2009 she was a volunteer at the PVV in her region.

Way Sloos (1941) stands in Leiden on the first place of Livable Leiden. In 2006 He supported to sign the Freedom Party in the general election by a supporting statement that made participation possible. Then he tried to join Proud Netherlands, but failed. He returned with the extreme right and had 2009 a conversation about a possible Chamber Membership. Sloos fell in recent years with right decisions. So he wanted Mohamed Rabbae as candidate alderman first started following a Leiden integration course and learned to speak decent Dutch. Sloos also found that Leiden caught too many asylum seekers and gave them the guilt of destroying wreaths on 4 May.

In Delft Martin Stoelinga (1943) a party founded by a group of people coming out Liveable Delft. The new party called Independent Delft. He already turned in 2007 an association with the name Freedom Party, Department Delft. If Geert Wilders with Rita Verdonk would work together under that name he wanted to get involved in elections. Hence, now apparently a new party. Martin Stoelinga in recent years as a councilor for the disquiet caused in Delft. He made statements against asylum seekers and Islam. His opponents accused him of being extreme right. After that it was not good between Stoelinga and the Municipal&The. Eventually Stoelinga was convicted of wrongful accusations of corruption and violation of professional secrecy. He leaves it as yet not sit and demands in 2009 tons damages from the City of Delft.
On the fifth place of the list of candidates of Independent Delft state Dick King (1931). He was in 2006 candidate for the LPF in Delft and was involved in the website of the PVV Delft Martin Stoelinga.

Taco Fortgens (1949) founded in Alkmaar Party For Citizens and the party leader. He was in 2002 actively Liveable Netherlands and then had a website where he insulted Muslims goat fuckers. He posted additional articles that were turned against the multicultural society. He also organized a get together with Pim Fortuyn. If the court in January 2009 decision to prosecute Wilders for discrimination Taco Fortgens evil. He sends a message to a slanging anti-racism organization that had called for the prosecution.

Arnhem state Arno Brouwer (1951) candidate for Pro Arnhem. In 2006 he made the election participation for the PVV possible in his constituency by submitting a supporting statement. He was a member of the LPF and Liveable Rotterdam. In the nineties, Arno Brouwer familiar with an anti-committee on drugs and ditto game.

Sorensen op het protest van de PVV tegen het proces tegen Geert Wilders
Sorensen on the PVV protest against the trial of Geert Wilders

And then of course there's Livable Rotterdam. And delegation of leading figures within Liveable Rotterdam comes 20 February in Amsterdam in order to demonstrate that the PVV at the start of the discrimination trial against Geert Wilders (see picture). Locally Liveable Rotterdam by her political opponents also appointed PVV party. The language of the Rotterdam would radicalized again in recent years after a period of normalization. Geert Wilders gives the Rotterdam advice on party leader Marco Pastors (1965) of Liveable Rotterdam to vote. Ronald Sorensen (1947) is in second place of Liveable Rotterdam. He gave in 2009 too desire to be a senator for the PVV. In January, he does with a delegation of Liveable Rotterdam join the protest against the PVV trial against Geert Wilders.

There is also Dries Mosch (1948) at present. Hij is vanaf 2002 by Liveable Rotterdam active and visit in January 2005 Vlaams Belang a meeting in Antwerp. There was a small group traveled to Rotterdam. Dries Mosch does have more remarkable connections. He is the owner of the clubhouse that rent Rotterdam Hells Angels from him and he once convicted of shooting a burglar. In 2008 Mosch visit a presentation of Proud of the Netherlands in Amsterdam.