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Floating to the parliamentary elections

  • A search of a right-wing voter

set, you're right, very right. What do you have to your voice floating in the Lower House Election? You can of course Geert Wilders and his PVV vote again. But actually you're a bit disappointed with Geert. He promises more than a decade snapped, but just down the street there is little evidence of. Three years ago, called on you coming to “less, less, Moroccans” and Geert said he would arrange. Slowly begins to you by insisting that it simply is again turned out to be an empty promise. Geert it turns an ordinary politician. No, This year you're looking for something else. The PVV did have her time and looking for a good alternative right. What's on the market this year?

Hero Brinkman of the PVV manifestation Amsterdam, January 2010

Perhaps dirty Hero Brinkman may tempt you? Like a real bad cop he is frequently at odds with the police leadership and he made the day all kinds of punks in Amsterdam acid. As in the movie, he was well on his head because he wanted a student to pay for a crime they are not committed had. That sounds itself like, only the name “entrepreneurs Party” somewhat dusty and boring to you about. Moreover, they think they have come up with an annual audit of the budgets of mosques and curtailed laying on free travel within Europe. Then you will soon have your passport showing when you go visit a PEGIDA demonstration in Germany. With this kind of bureaucracy will not change Netherlands. The rest of the team Entrepreneurial Party has no references where you excited to be.

For Netherlands

So we just continue searching for more sympathizers who are disappointed dropped at the PVV. Perhaps for Netherlands (VNL) some. There's a whole nest of disappointed PVV MPs. Moreover, they say they will be much more right in many key areas the PVV. lower taxes, harsher penalties, less immigration. Things like that. It takes some getting used to GeenStijl-sailor John Roos as ringleader of a political party. And Jan Roos does moreover its best to clean the front line of the party PVV dropouts. It feels a little hostile. What's wrong with PVV drop out in a party that was founded by PVV dropouts? But there is light at the horizon. For John Roos was not GeenStijl reporter with large machete Moroccan street kids in Amsterdam West drove when they were angry with him? That gives hope.

Jan Roos (rechts) Constant Kusters (midden) in NPO studio, January 2014 (screenshot website NVU)
Jan Roos (rechts) Constant Kusters (midden) in NPO studio, January 2014 (screenshot website NVU)

Jan Roos and pulled out Constant Kusters the only serious neo-Nazi party found in the Netherlands, in the broadcast of the Real Jannen to give him some extra attention? Yep, that is him. And Jan Roos has had quite a scare elite in Brussels and The Hague with his Ukraine Referendum that we let them know that we want none of their European political deals. Beautiful yet equally averted an invasion of Ukrainian guest workers, or not there was going to? In addition, as the Netherlands has the cheerful Liveable Rotterdam-blonde Tanya Hoogwerf snared. You have not forgotten how Tanya stood up for your interests when they 2015 anti-discrimination club Radar tackled because of their alleged involvement in the Crusades against Zwarte Piet, Geert Wilders and PEGIDA. had to stop that subsidy. For the Netherlands, you put on your list.

PVV dropouts

You miss the days of iron Rita Verdonk you made so Proud of the Netherlands. Why do they actually do not do it this year? Delving in the lists you'll suddenly a group Pride-orphans at a party “Locally in the Room” heet. Actually is the former Amsterdam Pride councilor Ans van der Velde on this list. Just like you, she is a PVV afhaker and that creates a bond. Ans was in 2014 disappointed in a low spot on a recommendation from the PVV and stepped on. Only on spot 21 this totally unknown party makes them do not have much chance. What is there the logic of? You read the election once by. That's not so right, they are even discrimination against. Okay nee, which option you write off.

Further exploring the lists you come here and there to still be a right-wing candidate. Nathan Bouscher of Libertarian Party was also at the PVV. But that libertarian freedom hassle anyway is what elitist to you about. Of which passed VVD balls that make it their life's work to evade taxes. Werner Hessing of StemNL list is also known for. though again where you know him? The Dutch Association or something? You must once again look up the.

no Level

He, perhaps no level is a nice option. You should always laugh at all racist reaguurders on GeenStijl and party leader Jan Dijkgraaf was for many years the first thing you read when you got the Metro. In his columns he repeatedly took the left-wing loonies on the grain, and he did all right provocations lost wonderfully funny. But what do they do? Should you have to work as a voice supporters? How should that in a debate in the House? Beginning call horn Jan Dijkgraaf then shut up and ask us first what to say? In itself a funny idea, but you see not quite for you what it looks like in practice. And what if his party hijacked by all kinds linksgekkies being massively member? Mmm, there is a risk.

Forum for Democracy

At the Tuning Guide is the Forum for Democracy is like rolling the best option. What is that? Oh, they want more public participation and an asylum policy to Australian model. You'll see some pretty solid right positions in their election. More money for Defense and three serious violent crime follows a life sentence. En NVU unfortunately Constant Kusters has also been a fan of them. The NCE journal he says to vote for them.

Baudet speaks on IJzerwake, 2014
Baudet speaks on IJzerwake, 2014

Who are the people behind this party than? Look there you see Sander Boon from Amsterdam on the list. You still know from long ago when you look at the extreme right Nationalist Students Association in Antwerpen was. That was in 2005. He there when you explain what the difference between libertarianism and conservatism is. That was very instructive and the right-wing militant NSV students were also happy with such a good speaker. Also at the Forum for Democracy luck you PVV dropouts again, so you'll feel right at home. Paul Frentrop and Theo Hiddema have never made a secret that they vote for the PVV. Of Yernaz Ramautar Sing scare you here. A foreigner on the list? But when you hear that he is the president of the Ayn Rand Campus Club Netherlands are you reassured. Ayn Rand's capitalist after all your heroine and you taught the virtue of selfishness. Additionally Yernaz established a hotline against leftist indoctrination in college at. A good guy so.

Participants IJzerwake, augustus 2006

Important within the Forum include Paul Cliteur and party leader Thierry Baudet. In in 2016 they wrote a great report for the PVV about real democracy. Moreover Cliteur has made a valiant effort to get acquitted Geert Wilders in his less-Moroccans criminal. But truly speaking you about Thierry Baudet itself. Were you in 2012 all a little surprised that he was just as a Dutch speaker at a meeting of the Vlaams Belang in Belgium. In 2014 He did it one step further to address the annual high mass of very extreme right Flanders. The Holy IJzerwake thousands Flemish Belangers and for Posters. When he last year in pro Donald Trump camp in Cleveland appeared you were actually fallen for these conservative nationalist.

You made your choice. The float is over.