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Ruzies binnen de Nederlandse Volks-Unie

During the last period formation of a new cabinet squabbles within the CDA have been sufficient to bring the party in big trouble. In CDA circles even survived the fear that the party could tear. Or it at the beginning of the fall is we do not know, but in recent times it is also particularly troubled in the Dutch People's Union (NVU). And that is certainly not the first time. An overview.

A few months back simmered a discussion on the Stormfront forum. It was no discussion with a head and a tail, but the topic was largely political spin and hype of Constant Kusters, Chair of the NCE. The discussion derailed completely when two NVU members in all public reciting their membership. The reason for the cancellation was the relationship of the 32-year-old chief stewards of the party, Michel Boerboom, with the minor NCE activist Mady Kleeven. Did there have long been stories of this relationship the round within the party and the magazine Alert! reported a half years ago already.

Femme van der Kooi and Michel Farmer tree on NVU demonstration in 2008, Zwolle

But the relationship of Boerboom and Kleeven was by the researchers themselves, but also denied flatly by Kusters. This relationship was potentially very detrimental for the party. NVU demonstrate regularly against pedophiles and during one of these demonstrations was party chairman Kusters another right-wing extremist (Jan Teijn) for a dirty pedophile. The reason for this was that Teijn had had a relationship in the distant past with a much younger, possible minor wife (1). The explanation for the fierce reaction against Teijn Kusters and his negative reaction to Boerboom had little to do with the case itself. The difference was in Kusters' rapport with these two. Teijn was active in a different party and had long been arguing with Kusters. Boerboom was not pilloried as a comrade and confidant. For when would now appear that Boerboom, chief stewards of the party and their party administrator, Also attached to a relationship with a minor guilty, Kusters would explain it necessary to have from his party.

When the pair of, after Kleeven had come of age, yet announced their relationship to the boat, however, was quite at. It picked another active member NCE, Femme van der Kooi, does not. Van der Kooi and his girlfriend both said their NCE membership and reported this to Stormfront.

What followed afterwards, was a quarrel which developed according to a classic pattern NVU. Kusters took, enraged, successively a number of steps:

– He was on the Stormfront forum kinds of personal information public about Van der Kooi and his girlfriend;

– He's threatening to write a letter to Social Services to report benefit fraud by the girlfriend Femme van der Kooi;

– He reported for sending threatening letters which he would receive for some time and suggests that Van der Kooi the sender.

That Kusters however in this case it was really fur will be clear to all, but subtle are the fights in and around the NCE actually never expire. There is the 39-year history of the NCE even see a line in the "weapons" used in such conflicts.


An important weapon is publicity. No one likes to find personal details about themselves into the hands of others or, even worse, on the Web. This is especially true for right-wing extremists. Publicly known as right-wing extremist is certainly no recommendation on a job interview for instance. Now that the public is just a means of pressure which is used for decades by the NCE. Thus, the use to put party members too late or not paying their dues with full name in the party magazine. Kusters also regularly publishes articles on all sorts of personal information on the Internet, when he quarreled with that person. A few examples:

In 2001 NCE came under question, after it emerged that some members were responsible for the destruction of Jewish cemeteries. Two of these members were expelled by the NVU. She then founded the activist group Stormfront Netherlands and expressed themselves regularly critical of the NCE. In 2004 Kusters president wrote an article about the two. It Kusters revealed all manner of private information, such as drug use Hoven. But he pulled out especially hard because they were comrades 'betrayed' by the police, after their arrest. As proof of this assertion Kusters printed a piece written record set in the party magazine, where the full names, birth dates and addresses of twelve other right-wing extremists are. It was a fascinating number to read, but a remarkable step when you 'betrayal' raises questions of.

Another feud that developed in that period took place around the National Alliance (NA), especially in the person of NA-founder Virginia Kapic. She was a former NVU member and former great admirer of Kusters. That admiration was rapidly turned into utter contempt and then into hatred against everything that had to do with Kusters and the NCE. The reaction was predictable: Kusters wrote an article on the NCE website, in which he revealed private matters, posted photos of actors and as icing on the cake Kapic afbeelde as a prostitute.

Cartoon from NCE magazine Kapic and Teijn

This was however not settled this dispute. Kapic namely hit back the same way and placed on Kusters and other NCE-trailers page long texts with accusations, illustrated with intimate mails from Kusters. The quarrel then went even further out of control. About that as more.

Kusters totally tasteless made after the suicide of a member of the extreme right NVB. Not only does he published, soon after his unfortunate death, a shouting piece on the board, in which again all kinds of personal information was placed. He finished the piece also with a subtle salute: "We think he deserves to be, therefore, not to honor him or boast because he was too cowardly to fight on for our people and country, and above all for his own family!’

The disclosure of sensitive information (voormalige) supporters is anyway a very questionable strategy, but the disgusting heights Kusters thereby occasionally reaches out, stay (former) surprised friend and foe.


Besides the disclosure of personal information is out

Constant Kusters on NVU demonstration, 2009

placing of (mostly unproven) insinuations another common way used during quarrels within the NCE. Two themes are popular: working for the AIVD and sex. In the previous section it occasionally already passed, Sex has a clear function to inflict extra damage. So if anything can be sexual orientation or (lack) Sexual activities are lame excuse.

A clear example we mentioned in the introduction,, the accusation that John Teijn would be a pedophile. But Teijn was not the first who witnessed. Was in the seventies JOOP GLIMMERVEEN party chairman. His second, Joop Hagenbeek, was a homosexual. That prompted another Nazi organization, From Noordbond, to expel Hagenbeek. And then it was another reason for Glimmerveen to carry them arguing in all publicity. He published an article in the NCE-sheet "We Netherlands', where he formed the Northern Union president in turn for a homosexual. Years later, on (yes) a lingering feud between the new party and Kusters JOOP GLIMMERVEEN, Kusters published an article on its predecessor, in which he suggested that Glimmerveen in turn would have maintained homosexual contacts with Hagenbeek.

Quite strange was an argument with the faithful dog NVU member Patrick de Bruin. De Bruin has been active since 2002, Moreover visitor almost all NCE activities and good for a number of larger donations to the party. In 2005 De Bruin was however suddenly thrown out of the party. The reason was his involvement in another far-right organization, which Kusters was speaking terms. De Bruin had nothing to do with this quarrel, but was nonetheless removed as NVU member. But not only. On the NCE website Kusters wrote an article on this issue and it suggested that Brown was homosexual and also an informant of the AIVD. Enough to never want to look into each other's eyes you would say. After eighteen months, Patrick de Bruin was thus again as a member and was accepted as a satisfaction and a half year free membership to the NCE (so!). The shouting piece about De Bruin then remained incidentally for years on the NCE website.

Incidentally, this is certainly not the first time someone is thrown out of the party. In the seventies expulsions were rife at the party. Even then it was often accompanied by verbal abuse pieces and revealing private data. With one of those cancellations lap chairman Glimmerveen incidentally in his own foot. The expelled then stood at the cradle of the future Centre Party. And this new party would NCE in the eighties entirely of pushing away the political playing field.


A third kind of 'weapon', of which over and over again made use in disputes around the NCE is to file a report with the police. At the beginning of the article, we already reported on the declaration of Kusters due to sending threatening letters. Completely reconstruct this is not, but it seems that once Kusters was the first to report against a fellow right-wing extremist. Earlier in this article we already spoke about the quarrels between Kusters and Kapic, where both put information about each other on the Internet. Kapic, not even the subtlest, Kusters endangered by email with death, in response to a drawing in which she is depicted as a prostitute:

'The mother of my son as damaging, by my faith to be as ridiculous, have you signed your death warrant. I will not rest until you're lying under the sod.’

Made in response to this threat Kusters charges against Kapic. A short time later died several windows of the house of Kusters. Also this Kusters did again reported to the police.

Virginia Kapic op NA demonstratie in 2004, Leeuwarden

Reporting the crime apparently tasted more. When Jan Kusters Teijn made for pedophile, Teijn shall so report to the police. This declaration will eventually lead to a conviction of Kusters. Kusters let the meantime not to sit. When it appears that he will be tried in connection with the declaration of Teijn, he does turn declaration against Teijn, libel.


A final weapon at the quarreling, which is quite often used in NCE circles, the use of violence. Smashing windows was already mentioned, Kusters but would also run intimidating house calls to resolve disputes in that way. In the nineties there was a young very loyal NVU member. His love for the party went so far as ever, after being acquitted, against the judge sighed that he would donate the saved penalty to the party. According JOOP GLIMMERVEEN this activist by Kusters of his front teeth redeemed. What was behind us is also not known.

A single action, not violent in a physical sense, but no less striking, was the intrusion by NVU chairman JOOP GLIMMERVEEN in the party office of the competing Centre Party. He succeeded in this way in order to see the membership records of the party. Glimmerveen saw in the Centre Party is a far cry from its own NCE, but which had a success. Party leader Janmaat now sitting in parliament, while Glimmerveen never had any election success. Glimmerveen was admitted by the administrator of the administration, who was both active in the NCE as the Centre Party, but ultimately for the BVD (precursor AIVD) was found to work. Photos of the intrusion came some time later in the publicity.


This overview is a brief illustration of ways to be settled within the NCE hassles. Despite the remarkably low zones, the astonishing rudeness and total lack of respect or decency that emerges from these examples, these are certainly not the only quarrels and probably not even the coarsest around the party.

The youngest quarrels within the NCE, and the related areas of Kusters, can be followed live on the Internet almost. But how deeply the party and the president will also bags, Also this time the NCE will survive it again. She does indeed for almost forty years. It only remains the question of what people time and again to proclaim engage in that club. The ideas and the image of the party leader will not lie. On the ideological line 'or opportunities also ever to achieve any success not. Apparently the NCE appeals to a rebel club idea, and one must first figure out how Kusters personally with his supporters to go. And that makes au.

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(1) It was in response to this allegation of Kusters quite what to do to that age naturally. Kusters initially stopped 14, but put it 'estimate' later to 17, but possibly the person already was 18.