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European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report

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For the period of 2013 no attacks classified as right-wing terrorism were reported by European Union (EU) Member States. However, a series of terrorist attacks in the UK were motivated by right-wing extremist ideology. Between April and July 2013, a Ukrainian national carried out four terrorist attacks. The offender stabbed to death an elderly Muslim male and detonated three improvised explosive devices (IEDs) at mosques in the West Midlands area. The campaign started within a few days of the individual’s arrival in the UK in April 2013. Subsequent enquiries uncovered no links to other right-wing extremist groups or individuals based in the UK; he arrived in the UK already radicalised.

The Netherlands reported that more and more issues that were traditionally left-wing activist activities have been adopted by right-wing activists. As well as anti-capitalism, anti-globalism and animal rights, right-wing extremists have now also engaged in campaigning against genetically modified food.

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