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NVU demonstreert in Den Haag

On Saturday 5 juni 2004 Hague was the scene of two demonstrations. Around Malieveld demonstrated such 70 neo-Nazis of the NCE and around the square turned around 300 protesters of Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) here against.

NCE-march itself seemed at first sight to be a repeat of an earlier ritual. Led by party leader Constant Kusters, his secondant Michael Wood and the Groningen neo Eite Homan marched a group of skinheads and radical fascists a round without much public. Even though the decor this time not a remote industrial and Malieveld sounds like the place for a demonstration that should attract a lot of public attention, the reality was that 70 neo-Nazis walked around to a deserted lawn. The company was also this time again a mishmash of German, Dutch and Belgian neo-Nazis.

NCE in the Malieveld

The mayor this group of neo-Nazis under police protection round their left foot, however, an even greater disgrace than it might seem at first sight. NCE has a history of meetings and demonstrations on historical data. Almost always be
demonstration data references to dates in the history of National Socialism. The motto of the NCE-march was “Against American aggression politics”. Seen from NCE perspective, it is therefore no coincidence that they chose a date that is as close to the sixtieth anniversary of the commemoration of D-Day (for a demonstration on a Sunday they rarely get a license). De “American aggression politics” Hitler's troops against the NCE will have motivated this date choice. Especially distasteful was the fact that two German neo-Nazis had set up for the occasion in a Waffen-SS combat uniform.

Of the Belgian Green Right, led by Wolf Kussé, was called a flag seized with a Celtic cross. The present police showed, however, are left much more severe manifestations. An anti-Semitic meant banner reading “Fight Zionist oppression” was evidently not a problem. Other Nazi symbols like the Wolfsangel, Triskel (swastikas with three legs), 88 (stands for Heil Hitler), SS skulls and t-shirts of the banned organization “Blood & Honour Germany” could be worn without problems.

A notable development in the demonstration was the participation of a number of persons of Blood & Honour Nederland. For some years, a group separated radical neo-Nazis of the NCE and constitute Blood & Honour Nederland. Dit Blood & Honour (B&H) is an international network that brings together mainly around music and the British Nazi terrorist group Combat 18 oriented. Op 13 March, the conflict between the NCE and B came&H to a climax at a concert organized by the NCE. Because there is a Slovenian Nazi band performed that recent negative on B&H en Combat 18 had spoken went B&H Netherlands teach them a lesson. It came to a big brawl with sound equipment and the windows of the hall were destroyed. NCE thereafter declared to be severely disillusioned and never anything B&H to make to want to have. But now, less than three months later, NCE demonstrating side by side with some important activists B&H Netherlands Den Haag. Apparently the NCE leadership more opportunistic than one wants to avoid and the numerical difference between 60 en 70 protesters important than to keep people who have recently attacked an NCE concert. B&H included Niels Ritmeester and the German radical Michael Krick present.

The stewards of the NCE was led by Eite Homan and Michel Boerboom. Homan's been such 20 years active within the radical fascist groups who knows Netherlands. Michel Boerboom is a free fighter from Arnhem now 5 year at the NCE is active. He runs many Nazi demonstrations off, also in Germany.

Anti-Fascist Action protesters trapped by Hague police

That neo-Nazis to carry out a platform is offered to their despicable ideology AFA was rightly indigestible. While a handful of neo-Nazis with permission of mayor Deetman at the weekend of the D-Dayherdenking in Waffen-SS uniform and Nazi symbols are allowed to demonstrate against US aggression, showed the same mayor (often brutally) hundreds of people arrested who make here rightly very angry about. The AFA demonstrators who disagreed with this government and myself wanted to go up to the Nazi demonstration, were hit hard. Eventually even the whole demonstration arrested because they had deviated from the official route. This went regularly with the necessary violence associated with squads with batons on protesters corralled inhakten, to prevent anyone would oppose an arrest.

New Right also active around NVU demonstration

While the NCE ran her demonstration, was well-known activist Martijn Janssen of the New Right party of Michiel Smit at the AFA demonstration site. Not to express his indignation at the NCE, but to film the anti-fascist demonstrators. This so-called “anti-antifa” work for years perpetrated by the extreme right to bring the anti-fascist movement in map. NCE foreman Eite Homan had this for some time even a website called Werewolf in use. Martijn Janssen is the house filmmaker of the New Right and now apparently has this anti-antifawerk focused.

There is an interesting similarity between Janssen and NCE and that their anti-Semitism. Even Michiel Smit said in the past regularly that his party is not anti-Semitic, Martijn Janssen This applies in any case. In the recent past he was active in several extreme right-wing web forums under pseudonyms “ZiekVanJoden” en “DelendaJudea”. Many messages were about the Jew-hatred. That the new right-wing commitment to bring the opponents of anti-Jewish NVU demonstration card is therefore less strange than it seems at first sight.

Martijn Janssen filming the demonstration AFA
Martijn Janssen