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Dutch Nazis in Brussels arrested

The committee "European Nationalists against NATO’ Last Sunday 4 April at an anti-NATO demonstration for NATO buildings in Brussels.

This committee consists of members of the Belgian Odal Action Committee helped by Nazis from Wallonia and Dutch ANS'ers. As contact address, among other uses the mailbox Eite Homan in Delfzijl. The action was supported by the Anti-Zionist Action. The demonstration was against the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of NATO.

According to the demonstrators is Europe 1945 not liberated but occupied. Moreover, the demonstrators turned against the “terrorists” the Kosovo Liberation Army. Several years ago, right-wing extremists in Western Europe were strongly for sending money, weapons and mercenaries to support the Croats against Milosevic. Now the fight for Kosovo independence they are for completely unknown reasons suddenly terrorists. It remains difficult, nationalism.

NATO buildings were subject to a ban and march all 53 attendees, including Dutch and Germans werdeen arrested.