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Wilders feliciteert Orbán

PVV-leider Geert Wilders heeft de Hongaarse premier Viktor Orbán gelukgewenst met zijn overwinning bij de parlementsverkiezingen. „Gefeliciteerd Viktor Orbán met dit uitstekende resultaat. Een welverdiende overwinning!”, schreef Wilders op Twitter.

Neo-Nazi website Stormfront close to shutting down as founder’s wife tires of paying hate site’s bills

The notorious hate site Stormfront appears to be running on fumes as its former Klansman founder announces the online forum will restrict access to “sustaining members” and take other steps to cut costs.

Don Black, a former Ku Klux Klan member and convicted felon, has complained for years about the costs associated with running the white supremacist forum and threatened to close before, but dwindling donations may finally drive the site out of business, reported Hatewatch.

Relletje bij PVV na draai Henk Bres

Binnen de PVV is achter de schermen onrust ontstaan na de opmerkelijke draai van de Haagse lijstduwer Henk Bres. De bekende ras-Hagenees verkondigde vrijdag nog zijn met voorkeurstemmen verdiende gemeenteraadszetel in te nemen, maar kwam daar na het weekend weer op terug.

White nationalism is sweeping one of Europe’s most progressive countries

As voters in the Netherlands gear up for local elections, to be held across the country on March 21, the old adage that all politics are local is being turned on its head. For the Dutch, the opposite is equally true: Local politics are national. Since all cities and towns vote on the same day, prominent national politicians intrude, elevating mundane local elections that used to center on debates about bicycle paths and garbage collection into a national spectacle.