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Erkenbrand, alt-right in Netherlands

In spring 2016 some young men set up a partnership to study the extreme right. They baptize the Erkenbrand. After nearly two years of growth and development, the organization has significantly grown in importance. There is a fairly large and wide following and there are various links to the Forum for Democracy. And it is striking, given the extreme ideology of the Research Association.

Colin Robertson at firing
Screenshot Colin Robertson at firing

“It was a hardcore fascist, racist bunch of people” stelt Colin Robertson (1983) with satisfaction. This popular alt-right-vlogger from Scotland looks back at the first Erkenbrand conference in summer 2016. Under his pseudonym Millennial Woes as a speaker he urged the more than a hundred visitors to "fight to protect our white race". Where does Erkenbrand from, and how they get their extremist ideas?

Origin and ideology

Erkenbrand in 2016 Founded, but the roots of this organization is a little further into the past, at a site. Michael Hugens (1990) from Zoetermeer and Milan Bruynzeel (1991) Amsterdam met through a mutual friend on Twitter. Eind 2014 they launch a platform to spread their ideas, Website curiales.nl. With thousands of followers on Twitter and more than a hundred daily visitors to the website they find an audience for their "deep insights" regarding topics such as "demographic transformation", MH17, the armed forces and feminism. The subject matter fits the trials of both men: Bruynzeel studying at the time in European Studies at the University of The Hague and Hugens Political Science at the Free University of Amsterdam. The contents of the articles ranges from conservative (prostitution) to very racist (a sovereign homeland for ethnic Europeans).

like writing on curiales, and moreish. The time is right to meet kindred spirits from their accumulated supporters. In spring 2016 Curiales organizes an "alt-right meeting". In the same period start Hugens and Bruynzeel with Erkenbrand. A study society which must fulfill besides spreading ideas a network function. As growing activity Erkenbrand, drops of curiales.

Curiales organized alt-right meeting, 2016
Curiales organized alt-right meeting, 2016

The main inspiration for Erkenbrand online publications from the US alt-right. And via the Alt-right is also the core of the ideology of Erkenbrand within: Ras. And more detailed: The threat of the superior white race, what is seen by Erkenbrand as the biggest problem of our time. That is a subject that does connect Erkenbrand without further stops in all kinds of classical rassenideologen national socialist nature. This "threat to the white race’ is illuminated from different angles. So Erkenbrand sees the cause especially in demography, population structure, threatened by three developments: immigration, homosexuality and feminism. Which will eventually lead to "replacement of whites', a so-called omvolking. The solution to these problems is sought in biology. First course 'pure’ propagation, Whites should only have children with whites. Secondly, however, the political organization of a state ethno, a "pure’ land for whites without the presence of other "races". Third, by reducing the biological urge to fight. If we count no more fighting "nature" with our weakness and degenerate culture now and will 'foreigners’ take over.

Screenshot website Elsevier, juni 2017
Screenshot website Elsevier, juni 2017

Milan Bruynzeel, love letter
Milan Bruynzeel is a founding member of Erkenbrand. Besides his interest in politics and martial arts, he has a passion, write. He does strikingly. Besides the pieces on his own websites and curiales Erkenbrand he publishes on the alt-right website American Renaissance. But he also reached a wider audience. In 2016 He writes for Civis Mundi. Along with it include Forum for Democracy member Paul Cliteur contribute to the yearbook Colonialism and racism of this magazine. And his love for writing brings Bruynzeel in February 2017 Elsevier's Weekly. For the period of six months, he is a trainee in the editorial board of this journal.

Racism antisemitisme

Lanser (in suit) on Pegida demonstration, oktober 2015 Utrecht
Lanser (in suit) on Pegida demonstration, oktober 2015 Utrecht

This emphatic interest in racial purity and provides in Erkenbrand circles natural to ask what happened to all 'non-whites’ in the Netherlands to be done. And also what happened to the Jews to happen. that Jews, as another 'race', not belong in Netherlands is certain for most Recognize Burners. Then there are texts in, tweets and podcasts in addition all existing anti-Semitic stereotypes and conspiracy theories over. Jews are greedy and practicing backstage crucial influence on media, politics and government. They are also liars and absolutely never trust. But, so-formulates Erkenbrand prominent Fausto Lanser (1991), Jews in the Netherlands are less of a problem than in the United States. In the Netherlands plays the 'Jewish power' according Lanser only in Amsterdam. He suggested sending them to Israel, "then you're done with it", "Though I will not shed a tear out if the trains eastward to ride again," he adds. That to Recognize Burners also a reason to keep away from Geert Wilders and the PVV. Geertje van der Burgh (1979) was in the beginning actively Erkenbrand (see later in the article), and then also visited meetings of the Forum for Democracy. She described the Freedom Party during an interview for an American alt-right channel as "Zionist, not the kind of people I would trust”. Jews should be no strong theme at least according to Fausto Lanser for Erkenbrand. That would be a tactical mistake, you have to oppose Jews to lose than to gain in Netherlands.

Milan Bruynzeel at American Renaissance, 2012
Milan Bruynzeel at American Renaissance, 2012

Milan Bruynzeel is in the early stages probably the most important bridge between these American ideas and Erkenbrand. He wrote in 2012 before the US far-right website American Renaissance, Jared Taylor (1951). Taylor calls his ideas "not racist, but race-realistic ". But few will argue, however, not as pure racism means. Jared Taylor is very influential in alt-right circles.

The first Erkenbrand Conference, in september 2016 Milan opens the meeting Bruynzeel. He shows that he perfectly mastered the extreme right alt-right discourse. In his speech, he talks about a looming unprecedented catastrophe because "foreign nations invade our countries", "Foreigners take our women" and "Europe will end up as an extension of Africa". Therefore wants Bruynzeel "the US imposed hedonistic lifestyle 'defeat by organization, reproduction and fight.


Although Erkenbrand since its inception has undergone considerable growth, it is not to be found very easily join this organization. There hefty bumps are raised for those interested. In this way, Erkenbrand prevent persons who are not radical enough, non-'blanken’ or infiltrators member may be.

Joram van Schaik set off calls for balloting, oktober 2017
Joram van Schaik set off calls for balloting, oktober 2017

An important place for recruiting supporters was the internet forum 4chan. Erkenbrand however critical new members. They expect them "a certain intellectual level." But also important, Erkenbrand expects the correct political direction, and listening closely. To determine the level and in the right direction all potential members must go through a ballot. It consists of an interview which tests whether you are an "ethno-nationalist" instead of a "civic nationalist". In plain Dutch or you're not only proud of your country, but also severely racist ideas after holding. These introductory talks are conducted by the contact of the province where resides the potential member. Here also asked about your political past. "Sometimes people judge it wrong in", Acknowledge said a Burner "and they are looking weird." In addition to this information Erkenbrand checked in on social media or potential member proper 'social hygiene’ uses. Friendly contact with "non-whites’ is a reason for rejection. 'Quality’ is at Erkenbrand clearly above quantity.

Once given through email and chat groups decided by balloting information on the exact times and locations of meetings. Sometimes we work with a gathering place, and then walk together to the location.

Screenshot Lyris (met baard) on Erkenbrand conference 2017
Screenshot Lyris (met baard) on Erkenbrand conference 2017

The number of participants at the meetings varies but is growing steadily, despite all the hoops. On one of the first meetings were seven people present. At the regional meetings, organized in various pubs, the numbers of attendees usually still low. However, sometimes walking up to forty attendees. This is due to the nature of the meeting. Every now and then a special guest is invited, as Alexandros Lyris. Deze Group member of Golden Dawn in the European Parliament gave in April 2017 a lecture in Arnhem on Erkenbrand meeting. Another time the meeting consists only of a local informal meeting of Erken Burners.


A special kind of meetings Erkenbrand concern martial arts training. Quincy Barrow (1991), coordinating among other security Erkenbrand meetings have a history with the marked fascist campaign group Zwart Front.

Bruynzeel (in doorway) in kick boxing Erkenbrand, maart 2017 Hazerswoude
Bruynzeel (in doorway), februari 2017 Hazerswoude

Between 2012 en 2016 Young Barrow incorporates typical fascist values ​​and strong will, health of mind and body and the liberating effect of violence. He starts with tracking power- and martial arts training. This results in 2017 to set up his own martial arts club, battering ram. visits in October Marcus Follin (1989) alias ‘The Golden One’ Nederland. This in alt-right circles famous bodybuilder and martial artist from Sweden comes Erkenbrand visit for an Autumn Feast. In addition to the execution of a Pagan ritual, a speech and a walk through nature gives The Golden One a martial arts training. Recognize Burners get kickboksles and mesvecht techniques taught. The training is facilitated by Ram. It's not Recognize Burners train the first time in Ram. Already in March 2017 Barrow teaches in his gym to Recognize Burners how punches and kicks can distribute and collect. Also seized from liberations and knife fighting are parts that dealt. Erkenbrand founder Milan Bruynzeel has been practicing martial arts for years and is, like Barrow in favor of organizing martial arts training to Recognize Burners. He is in March 2017 contained in a secret kick out of boxing Erkenbrand in South Holland village Hazerswoude.

Screenshot Erkenbrand training at Ram
Screenshot Erkenbrand training at Ram, maart 2017

Practicing martial arts is for Acknowledge Burners not merely an expression of the "promotion of physical culture." It allows for more. The apocalyptic and alarmist articles on their site shows that Erkenbrand a bleak picture of the future. In februari 2017 this is illustrated in Elsevier Weekblad. I want "as a homogeneous country" announces an Acknowledge Burner. "That will not go through politics, because all my ideas institutions are depraved. "he continued. The interview reveals some Acknowledge Burners within the next five years, expect a civil war. "At some point, the population that finished with the problems of multiculturalism, they will come off perfectly well if they have a weapon in their hands. "in the magazine. Two interviewees say already follow shooting lessons and combat training, reported Elsevier. "It will soon be us or them. It will be bloody awful. "

On the Erkenbrand chat channel Fausto Lanser confirms the impression from the interview Elsevier. “Shhhh, But yes, number of guys in EB have licenses "he writes in September 2017. He is referring to the possession of legal firearms licenses by Erkenbrand members. On his Twitter account, he also claims to possess a firearm and he speculates about armed resistance. “If not ballots, then bullets”, he twitters under his pseudonym.

Interest of the old extreme right guard

This whole analysis fits the world view of several far-right individuals and organizations who have been active in the Netherlands, especially in circles of Voorpost. The far-right veteran Marcel Hoogstra (1966) looks after his meeting with Erkenbrand, the organization as one of the representatives of a "broad popular movement." This first conference 2016 are different exist veterans, including Outpost activists Bernie Flapper (1974) Haarlem, Ben van der Kooi (1974) Rotterdam and Bart van Gucht (1984) from Flanders.

Recognize Burners are actively seeking contact with such organizations. Fausto Lanser, Pegida participating in demonstrations on several occasions, the conference hall in Rotterdam Agniesebuurt behalf Erkenbrand took regular. Quincy Barrow, coordinating the security of the conference has been very active for several years for his involvement in Erkenbrand when fascist Black Front. In de zomer van 2016 Moreover late Alfred Vierling (1949) to founder Hugens his interest Erkenbrand prove. Hugens responds positively to this rapprochement effort.

Barrow (with glasses) on Black Front demo, Hague 2013
Barrow (with glasses) on Black Front demo, Hague 2013

A year later Erkenbrand organizing a framework forming’ lecture on the history of the Center Party. Martijn Janssen (1967) present with his camera to capture how Fausto Lanser announces the speaker Alfred Vierling. Janssen like Quad retains his interest Erkenbrand. Last visit after reading this one Erkenbrand conference in October 2017. Another prominent Front Poster, Sjors Remmerswaal (1982) is also present at this conference and in addition a regular author for Erkenbrand site. Between Outpost and Erkenbrand is clearly a cross-fertilization.

This is also visible in the recurring (forest)walks organized Erkenbrand. Outpost puts this activity for some time as a means to bind activists together. In september 2017 encourages Erkenbrand-prominent Fausto Lanser Recognize Burners to participate in a Voorpost walk in Leiden. A month earlier he visits the IJzerwake in Flanders, a large annual gathering for extreme right Flemish nationalists. It's traditionally large number of present for Posters for Lanser reason to visit the IJzerwake. On behalf Erkenbrand he beats this event for Red Ice TV, an alt-right related news.

Erkenbrand arrested by

A year after the first conference holds Erkenbrand in October 2017 another large gathering. Over the last period, both online and offline working hard to build the organization. dozens podcasts, many articles and several meetings have greatly enhanced the rank of Erkenbrand.

Screenshot Lanser and Florens van der Kooi, september 2017
Screenshot Lanser and Florens van der Kooi, september 2017

The aspirations and expectations lie not also. To get a ticket for the "wonderful location in the heart of the Netherlands" in a room "with more than 600 placing "the visitor must 27,50 pay euro. The conference "Towards a New Golden Age’ finally a bleak Rotterdam hotel beside the A13 took place was not the intention.

Nevertheless, the conference host Fausto Lanser satisfied. There are around during the day 240 people attended. "That is almost double compared to the previous conference", note Lanser, whereupon he the Dutch in the audience (such 80 tot 90 percent) encouraged to be active locally for its organization.

Keynote speaker of the conference is Erkenbrand the American Jared Taylor (1951) within the alt-right circles very authoritative website American Renaissance. Taylor has promoted the 90s sophisticated manner that demonstrably genetically delineate human races would exist. They would differ in eg intelligence and civilization levels. This should logically lead him as a proud 'white self-consciousness’ and segregation.

Taylor Erkenbrand Conference, oktober 2017 Rotterdam
Taylor Erkenbrand Conference, oktober 2017 Rotterdam

The Erkenbrand conference Taylor also extends to praise the achievements of the 'white race'. The large capacity of altruistic whites, tells Taylor, the Western world very successfully developed. Altruism is, however, only a force in a homogenous white according to the American society. "For other types of people very quickly discovered that they can put into this ability against us." And then Taylor starts a population that he usually does not negatively evaluated. "Jews", Taylor suggests, "Are extremely skilled in the exploitation of these specific weakness, or power that we have. "Jews are not the only explanation, according to Taylor, "But certainly contribute to the demoralization and the collapse of our society." He said he had to make this no doubt. "Many of you will already have this clear in my mind." Taylor is optimistic about the political future. He imagines being abolished by a nationalist discourse anti-discrimination legislation and European spirits are matured to think in terms of race and biology. He is also optimistic about the guests in the room. "I'm sure that some people under you will be elected and electoral able to name these things as explicit as we have said here today."

Lanser (rechts) at Powned with Baudet, oktober 2015
Lanser (rechts) at Powned with Baudet, oktober 2015

Fausto Lanser, number two Erkenbrand
Fausto Lanser is a Dutchman, but spent his childhood largely in a small village in the district of Coimbra, Portugal. In 2014 he will finally return to Rotterdam economy (and later history) study. That year he finds a job as a community center worker in the multicultural Rotterdam North. Two years later he hires his old workplace a room in a community center for the first Erkenbrand Conference. Lanser has put great political steps in this two-year period. In Portugal, he grew up in a progressive environment. In the Netherlands radicalizes Lanser fast. Through the 4chan forum, PVV and Pegida he develops in more than a year of D66 sympathizer to header at Erkenbrand. The self-proclaimed "number two" of Erkenbrand stands out because of his smooth talk, dedication and his ability to enthuse others. He presents podcasts, regulates writers and speakers, state press to talk, screening new members and renting venues for meetings. Soon Lanser is the public face of Erkenbrand. When the Times in November 2017 publishes an article about Erkenbrand, is an image of Lanser surfaced that the organization had kept rather secret. Lanser presents itself within Erkenbrand as Nazi, with a violent profile. That is no surprise were the other Recognizing Burners. To have put the counter negative perceptions Erkenbrand announced a week later Lanser from the organization.

Erkenbrand and Forum for Democracy

Recognize Burner Otten joins FVD
Recognize Burner Otten joins FVD

It amazes all such violent racist, anti-Semitic and anti-democratic ideas managed to interest several hundred youth. But even more surprising that an organization with such ideas effect, by a party represented in parliament.

"A winter arrives", so we need to bring a 'European Renaissance' cause oreert Thierry Baudet (1983) about two weeks after the Erkenbrand Conference in October 2017. He speaks in the Budget Debate in the House. "Hard times await us," he warns.

Baudet retweet Erkenbrand
Baudet retweet Erkenbrand

But the Netherlands, according to the leader of the Forum for Democracy (FVD) still save. How? "First of immigration" he says during the debate, to then criticize the calculation of CBS that the Dutch population increased this year. "He studies the figures", Baudet says "see that the Dutch population is shrinking in reality. They just grow through immigration. Moreover, in 2016 of newborn children 31% immigrant. "As explicit as Taylor Baudet is not. but demography, ethnicity and nationality are also Baudet apparently inseparable.

“Western culture is the most amazing culture ever” Trouw was recorded this summer from his mouth. Baudet proposed already in 2015 During a radio interview that he wants "Europe domineering white, and cultural remains as it is.” And in spring 2017 He said that during a party meeting “a spiritual virus infected political elite "busy" to dilute the homeopathic Dutch people with other nations so that there never a Dutchman will exist. "

Such statements provide Baudet enormous popularity among all kinds of far-right individuals and organizations. The known extreme-right activist Paul Peters states that Baudet talked in the past of 'living room' patriots'. "I know stumbled him since his first book," he says during a Pim Fortuyn commemorate journalist. The FVD-lectures in the country are also regularly extreme right-wing activists in the audience, including known headers rural.

Lanser and Van Otten (blonde Curles) op Pegida demo, november 2015 Utrecht
Lanser (with suit) and Van Otten (blonde Curles) op Pegida demo, november 2015 Utrecht

Also Recognize Burners have a great interest in the party Hiddema and Baudet. They praise the party, follow and retweet Thierry Baudet and ideas on how FVD can be successful. When they visit FVD meetings, they meet like-minded people to, Lanser let Fausto know the AD. It comes as no surprise that several Recognize Burners member of FVD. Luc Stenekes (1964) However, in Purmerend is the only true openly here. He is a member FVD, curious "to everything is dismissed as extreme right" and attends meetings Erkenbrand. Acknowledge the other burners are aware that an association of Erkenbrand with FVD is negative for party. Such tactical blunders not want them on their conscience.

By Baudet signed book
By Baudet signed book

Op 8 februari 2017 visits Baudet Enschede. He comes here to talk about the ideas of FVD. Over one hundred are in the old Grolsch headquarters. At question time cutting a young man for a Erkenbrand important topic. He wants to know how FVD think about including white farmers in South Africa in Netherlands. Baudet claims to be in favor of establishing a right to return to the Netherlands for these farmers. The questioner called Bart Otten (1997) and comes from the nearby Enter. At the time of this meeting, he was already more than half years at Erkenbrand. After the lecture, he performs with Baudet an animated conversation about South Africa, Erkenbrand and the 4chan forum. Baudet signing two books for Van Otten. In one, he brings a salute to '/ polder /', part of 4chan where Recognize burners operate. "He knew damn well just the Erkenbrand lecture on Afrikaners' Van Otten late on that forum elated know. He retains his enthusiasm and active member of the party Baudet, Besides his activities at Erkenbrand.

Another Acknowledge burner which is signaled by the FVD is the previously mentioned Geertje van der Burgh from Utrecht. She's in January 2016 attended a lecture in the basement of FVD on the Herengracht in Amsterdam. She gives to have been to several meetings FVD.

Van der Burgh indicates PVV Red Ice ("very zionist")
Van der Burgh indicates PVV Red Ice (“very zionist”)

Van der Burgh designates as a correspondent for Red Ice TV news from the Netherlands. In juni 2016 she explains to viewers that the growing number of inhabitants of the Netherlands, "While the original population is shrinking." Three months later we see Van der Burgh again at Red Ice, live from the first Erkenbrand Conference. Then they would not have been on Erkenbrand meetings. The anti-feminism and racial doctrine would go to her far.


As already mentioned above,, Erkenbrand doing tactical reasons secretive contacts with Baudet and FVD. The admiration for this party is no less. "Thierry is the most Alt-Right politician we have in Netherlands' Bart Otten wrote under one of his pseudonyms on 4chan. In a special election podcast The presenters concluded that "If you do not vote strategically, but you follow ideals you come to FVD. "

Goossens wrote to BaudetNVU infiltreert FvD

In maart 2017 a far-right activist was found to have organized a meeting FVD. Alexander Goossens (1981) At that time, both a member of FVD as the Nazi Dutch People's Union (NVU). He organizes a lecture on behalf FVD Baudet and Hiddema Badhoevedorp. When the membership of NCE is publicly Goossens, FVD immediately expels Goossens. About FVD publishes explicitly on the website. That Goossens could anyway organize this meeting remains remarkably. Not because FVD should recognize all NCE members, but because of the language used by Goossens which precedes organizing this lecture. He writes to Baudet: "I'm openly against the Zionist control in [so] Western World. "This is for Baudet apparently no reason to break off contact, Goossens can safely go ahead within the party.

The ideological similarities between FVD and Erkenbrand are quite substantial. Baudet remains not really 'away’ at Erkenbrand. In January 2017 retweet it with a fun message Erkenbrand. Recognize different Burners brag about (online) contacts they have with Baudet. In spring 2017 Baudet speaks in the Volkskrant addition unctuously about Erkenbrand. “Sometimes they fly off the rails, but they are young people who are discovering the world.” A prominent Recognize Burner states in January 2017 on 4chan that he is busy infiltrating FVD. What exactly does that statement mean, and whether the FVD try persons mentioned in this article infiltrate is not fixed for our couples. But Erkenbrand used her position to influence FVD is evident. And FVD no clear objection to it also makes. The infiltration attempt by the NCE (see box above) was through a press release on the website and a cancellation responded decisively by FVD.

Bart Otten speaks under his pseudonym on 4chan about FVD and Baudet
Bart Otten speaks under his pseudonym on 4chan about FVD and Baudet

On Erkenbrand and FVD members who are active in the party Erkenbrand reacts very differently. "If the club adheres racist and anti-Semitic ideology" Baudet late in November 2017 through a spokesman to the Times, "He wants absolutely nothing to do with it." This wording shows that Baudet doubt whether the political orientation of Erkenbrand really racist and anti-Semitic. While the Volkskrant article where he or she sees evidence react and various commentators have argued this before. A week later Baudet takes the NRC request apparent from Erkenbrand. A vigorous reaction as in the NCE-infiltration, however, remains out of. No Acknowledge Burners to turn the party, nor appears a statement on the website FVD. But given the similarities in their worldviews can not really expect that.

The four bridges Erkenbrand

We see with Erkenbrand so young new organization in the Dutch far-right landscape. An organization which additionally proves to mobilize young people in two years, significant numbers and to bind. And an organization that input appears to have at a party in parliament.

We can therefore conclude that Erkenbrand been remarkably successful, in building bridges. A bridge to the past through written ideologies bring Nazism and fascism again in the interest of larger groups interested in politics. A bridge to the future by interest a younger generation of highly skilled young people to this extreme ideology, involving them in steaming the society and ready to contribute to the fight that must be taken to achieve a "white ethno state '. A bridge to the political margins by the old guard to involve far-right activists in the initiative. And finally a bridge to the social elite to have effective input to the Forum for Democracy.

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