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Ed Polman

Ed Polman (Edward, geboren in 1973) In recent years one of the most active Nazi skinheads in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region. He dives in 1994 for the first time in the far right track when he joins the CP'86. The Rotterdam circuit CP'86 around 1994 a reservoir of young Nazi skinheads who gather around Martijn Freling.

Many of them, including Polman, are also members of the Action Front National Socialists (ANS) led by the Groningen Eite Homan. The ANS is currently engaged in a successful infiltration into the CP'86. Especially the Rotterdam circuit is dominated in a short time by ANS'ers.

Polman is apparent from its appearance in the movement 1994 soon interested in participating in the management training in both CP'86 as ANS. For CP'86 he is a candidate in the provincial elections in South Holland 1995 and for the ANS he Gruppenfuehrer(1) in the Rotterdam.

Ed Polman
Ed Polman

Polman's main activities lie in the street, however,. He can rightly be called an activist and signaled virtually any far-right in Netherlands. Remarkably, for unclear reasons he rarely shows his head. His most skinheads from the Rotterdam region proud of their ideas and happy as they appear in the newspaper, if not Ed Polman. He usually makes himself unrecognizable through a hood.

A brief overview of Polmans most eye-catching activities:

In november 1994 He was arrested in Zevenaar if there is a joint demonstration of CP'86 and ANS is held under the slogan "freedom of expression, also for neo-Nazis'. Reason to demonstrate the recent arrest of the German neo-Ewald least(2) and the disturbed party congress CP'86 a week earlier in Lisse. In two processes, that is the result of this arrest is Polman are present. After the first time he has been attacked by anti-fascists, he takes a big boulder at the second trial with. However, in the absence of demonstrators he uses that are not.

Op 21 april 1995 Polman attempting a 'nigger hunting’ organizing in Rotterdam. He does this to celebrate Hitler's 106th birthday. The action has been leaked and upon seeing police dripping thirty attendees quickly. Polman writes a report about this action in the magazine JFN'94 news published by Constant Kusters: “On Friday afternoon 21 April the Rotterdam SA storm in cooperation with other faithful people try to cause race riots. Through early intervention of the police action was unfortunately prevented. (…) Especially by the lack of communication and early leak of information about the place to keep the festivities do end soon.”

Ed Polman
Ed Polman

In 1995 Polman performs some actions with the CP'86, on the 1996 demonstrations in which the party to be participating member of the security service. While demonstrations of the extreme right to be banned again, one sees the beginning of 1996 opportunity to take some legal demonstrations. In February demonstrates the CD in Zwolle against the refusal of meeting space to the party. In March, the CD gets a permit to hold a memorial service in Leerdam the perturbation of a CD / CP meeting in Kedichem decade earlier. Both demonstrations are supported by the CP'86, thus, inter alia, by the provision of the service order. The members of this order service, which is led by Martijn Freling, mainly consist ANS'ers within CP'86. Both times Polman is the party.

In May 1996 Polman is with a group ANS'ers to the trial against NSDAP / AO leader Gary Lauck in Hamburg. A year earlier Polman has already participated in a demonstration at the Danish Embassy in The Hague against the arrest of Lauck(3).

In december 1996 Polman has some less pleasant hours in Arnhem. When a folder action against NCE 'Child abuse by pedophiles’ Although he is not arrested, but he is stuck with his friend Emil Fasolo between several dozen anti-fascists. Eventually they join but in the toilet of a departing train, to get rid of up shit.

Polman shows end 1996 a group of young boys to have gathered around him, where he has a very unhealthy influence. Some of them are very active and indulging in anti-Semitic and racist actions draft, various vandalism and assaults. Led by Polman they make, after CP'86 party congress in Rotterdam South on 2 november, hunting passing three Ethiopian asylum seekers. A week later they kick a Hindu Hagenees together with an NCE meeting in Schiedam(4). In februari 1997 arrested some of them in a fight with Moroccan youth. When detainees are NSDAP / AO stickers, baseball bats, knives and two fake guns seized. Two months later sentenced three of them to prison terms ranging from six to fifteen months for their part in the assaults and the draft actions. Remarkably Polman, as inspiration for this club, entirely outside shot remains.

Vanaf 1997 is Polman, for lack of action in the Netherlands, mainly in Belgium. The Dutch ANS supplies from March to various actions of the Nazi-Odal Action Committee(5) each time a group of activists. Thus demonstrating Polman and other ANS'ers in March against the anti-fascist grouping Block Busters and in November for rehabilitation of former volunteers of the Waffen-SS. In January 1998 the Odal-Action Committee is organizing a European meeting for Nazis around Antwerp. After the banning of the mayor, however, there is nothing of this meeting visit, but is there held a short demonstration in the center of Antwerp. Polman is also present here. In maart 1998 they are again a demonstration of the Odal-Action Committee in Brussels against US imperialism towards Iraq. On the way back to the Netherlands ANS'ers refueling at a gas station that is used by the Gendarmerie as a base. The officers see this company in "full regalia’ and check them routinely. When checking the car finds baseball bats, tear gas and knives. All nine occupants, including Polman, arrested.

Ed Polman
Ed Polman

In recent months Polman is organisationally particularly active within the CP'86 in Rotterdam. The CP'86 is in a particularly rapid pace from falling apart. By internal disputes that often with drug abuse and money problems than with politics, have now fallen substantial parts of the CP'86 framework. Nevertheless Polman still believes in the potential success of the party and he is one of the fifteen attendees at the party congress in January 1998 is held. At congresje is talking mainly about the election. Polman is responsible for the events surrounding the partial elections of March at Rotterdam Alexander. However, this does not succeed since Polman is not able to obtain sufficient support signatures. Polman is sometimes leading candidate in municipal elections in Vlaardingen for CP'86, but does not earn enough votes for a seat.

In February know the rumors about the internal squabbles within the CP'86 also reach the press, in particular the drug use Martijn Freling attracts attention. This pleases Polman very least, and he makes a half-hearted attempt to take over the party. However, this failed even though.

Or Polman after all these debacles will continue to work for National Socialism is the question. Possibly he throws himself on his other hobby: skinhead music.


1. The ANS Netherlands looks like a German province and uses German language names for the functions within the organization.

2. Ewald was at least 1994 one of the leaders of the neo-Nazi movement in Germany. He got in trouble by his participation in the controversial movie "Beruf: Neo-Nazi’ for which he in November 1994 was arrested and subsequently to 18 months in prison sentenced.

3. Gary Lauck is the leader of the organization established in the United States NSDAPAO (National Socialist German Workers Party / Sales- and organizational structure). This organization provides longstanding neo-Nazi movements in Western Europe of propaganda. In maart 1995 Lauck arrested in Denmark and extradited to Germany. In augustus 1996 He is sentenced to 4 jaar at.

4. In november 1996 the CP'86 has just torn and busy themselves reprofiling. This leads to a brief flirtation with the Dutch People's Union (NVU) whereby representatives of both sides visit each other's meetings.

5. The Odal-Action Committee is a Flemish-Nazi activist group around Bert Eriksson and Chris Berteyran. Eriksson is an old Flemish Nazis, from the violent Order of Flemish Militants (VMO). Berteyran is net 18 become but for several years actively Nazi front. He was originally a candidate for the CP'86 in municipal elections in Terneuzen, but the party did not join them.