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Black Metal: in the mist of the extreme right

  • Dutch Black Metal labels selling Nazi propaganda

Flyer Black Metal avond Musicon, Hague
Flyer Black Metal avond Musicon, Hague

It is Sunday 31 January 2016. Cult stand on stage Musicon Hague, Black Command en Blackdeath. The first two bands are from Netherlands, the third is a Russian Black Metal band. All three of the Metal-groups have an extreme right past as a band to a greater or lesser extent,. Also individual band members earned their spurs in this corner. In addition to the bands, there are also the labels publishing music of these bands. And these publishers do not take it so closely with right-wing extremism.

In the winter of 2015 op 2016 brings Oldenzaalse label Pagan Heart for example a CD Cultus. The new media is not, because it is a re-recorded and edited version of the original cassette "A seat in Valhalla ', which Pagan Heart in 2004 released. Lyrical themes on this tape are paganism, myths, Legends and myths. How different it was three years before when Cultus his first cassette 'Swords Speaking' issued by the same label. With an anti-Semitic quote like "White man and woman, will you be ruled by the eternal jew, let your actions speak for you’ en tekstgedeeltes zoals ‘United Aryan power banners under gammadion! The romanticized heroic dream will turn into reality…this time the world!"The band placed in the corner of the National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM). NSBM is a neo-Nazi musical flow within the Black Metal genre. Also want Cult took part in some NSBM collector tapes like "Battlefields of Honour 'and' Final Solution Volume 1 '.


Via diverse interviews, dating around and after the millennium, ventileerde Arjan Peeks, the only member of Cult and owner of the label Pagan Heart, his vision of the world. He found too tolerant Netherlands by allowing "white primates in our country '. Was meant people with black skin. He also wants "to return to the paganism which only governs the law of the people '. Peeks considered the 'Lebensborn' clinics and gas chambers as two main weapons in the history of World War II, because this other varieties than the Aryan destruction in. He also indicated that he wanted nothing to do with politics. Probably he meant party politics, because his world view then has to be placed clearly in the context of a political ideology on the world.

Past Pagan Heart

Screenshot website Pagan Heart
Screenshot website Pagan Heart

In december 2012 Pagan Heart published a statement on the website in which knowing the label did not do politics. “Heidens Hart does not support or sell any political or social messages, and any kind of extreme outings from the past are taken distance from and blamed on youthful disorientation. Heidens Hart does not cooperate with bands and/or individuals from political environments, and has no political, let alone left or right winged, titles among the releases or in distribution”. But anyone who looks at the first products of the label sees that there is not much wrong with that statement and that many far-right band was given the opportunity to make right-wing extremist propaganda via Pagan Heart. As written above, was the first edition 2001 a tape of cult which put clear in the corner was NSBM. Other music products have a national-socialist background. These include the American Aryan Black Metal band 'Achaemenid and the French band Sombre Chemin who see music as a weapon of resistance against Jewish world domination. These are just a few examples.


Jasper Velzel as singer of Lust Murder, in Studio Gonz te Gouda september 2009
Jasper Velzel as singer of Lust Murder, in Studio Gonz te Gouda september 2009

Today Pagan Heart sells alongside many underground Black Metal still sound recordings of bands that are attributable to the NSBM. These include the Polish NSBM band Graveland, or the Brazilian band Seges Findere. Pagan Heart is even the exclusive European distributor of an LP of Graveland 'Following The voice of blood'. In addition, the music label of the Russian Black Metal band Black Death, who also has a history of extreme right-wing ideas. In interviews the band negatively on humanity, a nihilistic attitude that one can find more common in Black Metal bands. More specifically the band members if they have a question to answer why the band chose the title of their "Saturn Sector 'album. "Because we wanted to use the two-letter 'S. S.'", thus the band. Without context, this is not a particular story. But it is different when you look at the cover of the 'Bottomless Armageddon' album. So it shines on this album an SS death's head surrounded by a snake that eats its own tail. "We have no national socialist ideology," the band in an interview knowing and ends the interview with the digits '88', which stands for "Heil Hitler". In other blades the band members give the 'Zionist government of their country blamed for the decline and degradation of the country'. Yet denying the band in interviews to have an extreme right-wing world view. Lyrical themes of contemporary band are satanism, visions and anti-Christianity. Meanwhile nice band is making progress and that is partly due Pagan Heart-owner Arjan Peeks which has arranged several concerts for them. Incidentally Peeks ought himself also to the live line-up of Black Death.

New Era Productions

Pagan Heart is in close contact with another Dutch label, New Era Productions (NEP) Jasper Velzel. NEP founded 1997 and was founded by Remco Mettrop. Originally it was intended as a tape label to edit sound recordings of Mettrops own band Mordaehoth. But also obscure small band projects such Veinen and Obscure thought through NEP their way to a select audience. Select was well, because the combined cassette Veinen and Obscure, when a speech by Adolf Hitler can be heard, in a circulation of 15 scattered pieces. In oktober 2000 Jasper Velzel came with his own label Berzerker Records in trouble, after police raided his home. These were more 500 sound recordings seized. In 2003 Velzel was following the raid condemned. He was found guilty of trafficking in neo-Nazi CDs, circulation of denying the Holocaust and magazines that racist statements are made. Velzel had hit but not from the field and joined Mettrops label New Era Productions. Today, Jasper Velzel NEP operates independently. Unlike his old label New Era Productions does not sell neo-Nazi skinhead bands more from- and Hate Core corner. His label is mainly focused on underground Black Metal and National Socialist Black Metal.

Sentencing Jasper Velzel, 24 juni 2003
Sentencing Jasper Velzel, 24 juni 2003


Screenshot website New Era Productions
Screenshot website New Era Productions

In the list of released products of New Era Productions predominantly undergroud Black Metal. Remarkably, the two plates that are not related to the dark Metal-music, namely with songs of mass murderer Charles Manson. Manson is a convicted murderer from the USA. He wanted black people blame his murders, to stir up the white population and ultimately to start a race war. Another unsavory CD that issued NEP 'Gas Chamber Music "of the Dutch Black Metal band Bhaobhan Sidhe, showing various images of concentration camps. In addition, New Era Productions Benelux distributor of In Ketten – Live, therefore, join an existing Ictrsusen Lamp. In Ketten is an alter ego of the German NSBM band Absurd, at the time that the band members were locked up for murder.

The Ritual Productions

New Era Productions is working closely with Pagan Heart. Both sales releases from each other. Another grouping of NEP is with the Dutch label The Ritual Productions Jasper Ruyten Beek. Velzel and Ruyten Beek also know each other well from the Berzerker Records era.

Jasper Ruytenbeek (right with sunglasses) demonstration Germanic Youth Netherlands, Valkenburg July 1999
Jasper Ruytenbeek (right with sunglasses) demonstration Germanic Youth Netherlands, Valkenburg July 1999

So Berzerker Records distributed a self-burned CD of the Dutch neo-Nazi band Landstorm showing some demos. This CD was originally published by The Ritual Productions and Ruyten Beek was bassist Landstorm. Later, in 2008, The Ritual Productions brings the same record again. The Berzerker Records-era both men were active in the extreme right-wing organization Nationaal Offensief, which 'a blank, pagan and folk conscious Europe of the peoples' pursued. Through this channel was also offered the first cassette NSBM band Black September. Black September was a one-man band Ruyten Beek. On the promo cassette to see his Celtic crosses, a photograph showing a Dutch flag and a poster of the extreme right-wing Centre Party '86. On the tape you can hear extreme right-wing people shouting racist slogans, Black September also plays a cover of a French neo-Nazi band. In 2008 The Ritual Productions brings this promo tape again. Occasionally, the label brings other NSBM-bands, but most of the music is mainly from the Thrash- and Black Metal angle.


The Ritual Productions en New Era Productions kwamen in mei 2013 in the news, when they put together a mini tour of the Brazilian band Goatpenis had organized. This tour ended in Gouda. After much criticism of the status of this band, as revealed among other things that Goat Penis still under contract was a neo-Nazi label, the center decided to keep closed doors.

Jasper Ruyten Brook demonstration outpost in Leiden, oktober 2007
Jasper Ruyten Brook on Outpost demonstration in Leiden, oktober 2007

Goat Penis had inspected. NEP has published almost immediately the news on the site accompanied by the logo of the Anti-Fascist Action and a ban stabbing. Incidentally Goat Penis played a day earlier in the Flemish Waregem ease.

In 2009 while "the two labels were rubbing each other Nuclear Fall Out 'fest in Gouda. Since some Black Metal bands played, including Lust Murder, One stop giving Jesper Veljel issue ey team. Ruyten Beek sold at the festival alongside his underground Metal also NSBM and had a separate bin for bands from the extreme right-wing skinhead corner. Also hanging shirts with a print of the digits '88', which is in neo-Nazi circles for 'Heil Hitler', and shirts with the text "Panzer Division Frei Korps' with SS skull. Characteristic of The Ritual Productions, but also Fenriznl, a shop which is also managed by Jasper Ruyten Beek, is de mix tussen rechtsrock cd’s, Black Metal en NSBM.


Max Adriaansz (met pet) op NVU demonstratie te Den Haag, oktober 2008
Max Adriaansz (in the middle with cap) op NVU demonstratie te Den Haag, oktober 2008

In 2014 the joint CD sees the Dutch Black Metal band Black Command and Portuguese Metal Group of light through The Ritual Productions. Textual point there is little to criticize on Black Command, but the conduct of Hell singer Rebel, a pseudonym of Max Adriaansz, is interesting. The singer sang previously at the Dutch NSBM band Fight Spirit and walked regularly along with far-right demonstrations. The band logo Strijdgeest shows a black sun, which is also known as a twelve-legged swastika. Furthermore, 'adorn' single swastika flags in front of their cassette. Additionally Adriaansz sang continue to reign, a controversial Black Metal band, which also issued a CD by The Ritual Productions.


Although the bands on 31 January, have entered into Musicon Hague halfhearted attempts have been made to rest their past, there still lingers a trace of the extreme right around this musical. The causes are the bands themselves, who have not clearly distanced themselves from their past, and the labels do their two cents. Who looks good the websites of the different labels notes that there is still a wide audience is tapped. Underground Metal-fans, but also neo-Nazis and other right-wing extremists are operated by various described music publishers' needs. Bands that do not take away from their extreme right-wing past and still connect linger with labels that can be attributed to the NSBM in the mist of the extreme right.